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Aspiration and implementation of affiliation programs, collected from different market segments. Numerous content servings, mostly from the marketer's view of points, strategies, and online community movements. Free Ads Groups is an online community and social media networking based on mutual benefits as an affiliate marketer. Free Ads Groups consist of and are committed to the community in real life for additional side income if possible.

Although we gather on virtual online platforms, we are still hoping for something better for the next path in life reality and it was an endless expectation belonging to us. Built by amazing advertising and marketing team worldwide, everyone is invited to join and to post free ads, no boundaries, no social level discrimination, no political vision is allowed, and of course, no racism. We discuss, share, promote, gain knowledge, fix the ways we advertise and earn benefits from our global marketing efforts. Getting successful sales is hard to achieve but why don't we try, practice your marketing strategy with us at no cost at all, and let's grow together, best wishes to you all.

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The whys and wherefores we need a blog (although a simple one)

Why do we need a blog for business

Why do we need a blog for business marketing?

Sensible reasons why your business needs a blog (if you don't have one) || The benefits of having a blog for your brand awareness, local business, and global expansion || Learning SEO while we create our first-ever blog

Writing is an undeniable heritage of human being that still exist to this day, not disappearing but it found its own way to adapt with time running. Since the beginning of civilization which is well known as a part of earlier inventories by our ancestors, this type of knowledge and skill had been evolving in the patterns and also its complexities. Once a long ago maybe we just know how to draw animals and views around us, but not today, now we can paint high-quality graphics, build a website and blog, do daily house works with artificial intelligence (AI), and so on. What something is not missing out is we still have to "write", right? Absolutely yes!

Writing, particularly blogging (as discussed here), has changed dynamically and depends on our generation. Back to the current time, we must admit that there is high competition on what tools and media we use to market our business. YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and Instagram Reel are some examples of blogging competitors. However each media has its type of audience and targeting specifications, so, I believe they aren't beating each other, oppositely, they support and fill the gap wherever it appears. Still don't have a blog or website? You can use WPS Web service (it's in German language, however, you can use Google Translate as well). The good news is with their expertise you can get a responsive design site, a corporate identity, and of course, a modern web design that is SEO-friendly.

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Why we need a blog
Keep calm and start blogging

Although blogging needs more patience in finding ideas and writing text by text on physical paper or online pages, blogging is one of the best ways to engage with your customers and lead you to a new audience. Video marketing such as inside YouTube or TikTok is awesome but in many cases, we are always stuck on the missing point when we try to compile a chronological order of things, in that case, whether you want it or not you must "rewrite" it again and again on a single page (online or offline) to they have correlation from starting to the end, e.g. Learning HTML, Javascript, Python, and other codes (with many times of error, for sure). No, offend to the video marketing system, but this is what really happens every day. We need "a pencil and paper" to record the chronology despite we have used multiple screens. 

Building a blog is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can employ. Not only it drives traffic to your website and increase your leads, but it will also help you define your brand in the minds of your customers. It's a remarkable platform to market your business indeed. However, for business owner who doesn't want to make his marketing journey will be facing such unpredictable complexities, there's an expert for that, you can search online for some experts how to start and grow your business also to reduce the time and executing cost for your business campaigns.

Let's blogging and make money ...
Illustration video by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels

Benefits of a blog for your brand awareness, local business, and global expansion

  1. Engage more with SEO (that totally free of charge) to maximize your resources

    Learning and practicing SEO for business is time-consuming, and it needs your patience, but when it's done you can reduce marketing cost drastically. SEO was intended to help business owner and webmaster to obtain leads organically. It doesn't need much money for PPC ads and other paid advertisements. To be honest, I don't have enough money to pay for paid ads (for example Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter ads) but I keep learn and learn about SEO, and the result is this free ads blog has traffic value of $801 for specific organic keywords (according to the latest Semrush report), not too bad but at least I don't waste my time to learn SEO, including the making of this blog.

  2. Blog helps you to communicate with customers

    Blogging gives you a channel for regular, two-way communication with your customers. You can use a blog and its comment bar to build a community. This positions your brand as a way for customers to interact with your industry and with others. This kind of interaction can be valuable for your brand. It allows you to see your industry and brand through the eyes of your customers. They may have questions and concerns that wouldn't be readily apparent to you, but by creating a channel for them to interact with you, you can learn their pain points and how the best to address them.

    You also should have a social channel to update your customers' insights, but how? Let me introduce my Telegram SEO channel where I can pre-assume what, where, and when my channel audience actually active or not by looking up the analytic that provided by Telegram. The best thing is I can aggregate their demographic and topic interest as well. Uhm .. it sounds like I'm business minded (actually not).

    If you launch new products or services, or just make some changes to your existing product or service, a blog lets you communicate these changes immediately. A blog is also a great way to begin building an email list. Email marketing can be an effective channel to gain new customers, but building up your list can be harder to do. A blog gives you a way to engage with customers and offer them something of value in exchange for their email addresses and a bit data of about them.

  3. Blog increases your market's visibility

    Blogging puts your brand in front of an audience you might not otherwise have the chance to engage with. There's plenty of research to back up the effectiveness of business blogging. A business owner that launches more frequent blog posts per month gets more leads rather than businesses that publish less than 1 (one) post monthly.

    Creating a blog assists you to rank in search engines for terms and keywords that people are searching for (or something related to your business). These queries can be that didn't particularly refer to purchasing your product or service, but rather to common questions people have about your industry. When you create content that covers these questions (and that content is visible in search engines), it introduces you to a whole new audience, awesome huh?. Say people search about "delicious food in Miami" and fortunately your local restaurant business is well known in search engines, so, instantly your property shows at #1 ranking plus additional featured snippets (if any).

    Search engines filter out websites that frequently update their content. Your website's homepage may remain in static displays. But a regularly updated blog sends a good signal to all search engines that your site is "the answer" and actively creates new content. In short, blogging consistently will help enhance your ranking and market your brand as you expect.

  4. Blog helps you by mentioning your products

    A good blog should be emphasized educating people and providing valuable content to the audience instead of "always talking about money". But it is the opportunity to introduce consumers to your brand. A blog allows you to provide useful information on your product or service. Your homepage may just be a landing page (means for an introduction only) for your business, but your regular posts will also answer your customer's curiosities.

  5. Blog introduces you as an authentic business owner

    A high-quality blog helps build your profile assessment as a reliable and trustworthy person in your field. A business is a platform to talk about the big issues in your industry. By showing your best opinion and analytics in your industry, you show the audience that you're having the best knowledge on the current issues, are authoritative, and are more credible.
    The best way to build this kind of authority is to think of some of the most common questions your audiences ask. You can point it in your blog to offer your audience the best solution and also to introduce your knowledge and expertise.

  6. Blog helps you to dig deeper into any possibilities in your preferred industry

    If you think you're an expert right now, congratulation! but a blog will help you reach peak performance in this expertise. As you analyze your topic or niche and then you communicate with your audience, you'll learn even more. Maybe someday you feel so bored with those matters but blogging always reminds you to keep an eye on developments in your industry and new moves from high-level competitions.

  7. All are just at your fingertips, from local business to global expansion

    Once you have made a blog that mentions your business, sit back and relax, and enjoy your life and your profits, because the rest is your blog that is taking your promotional tasks. Don't forget to escort your blog with SEO implementations, so you can beat your competitors efficiently, be well-ranked in search engines, and be sustainable without spending much money to market your dream business.

let's blogging
Happy blogging and making money ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ’ฐ