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Aspiration and implementation on affiliation programs, collected from different market segments, numerous in content servings, mostly from marketer view of points, strategies and online community movements.

Free Ads Groups is online community and social media networking based on mutual benefits as affiliate marketer. Free Ads Groups consist of and committed for community in real life for such additional side income if possible.

Although we gather in virtual forums we are still hoping something better for next path in reality and it was an endless expectations belonging to us. Built by amazing advertising and marketing team worldwide. We emphasize on reducing expensive paid ad issues, online frauds and scam.

For small businesses maker we'd like to say: "You are on the right community", worries no more how much your ad budget, we prefer to exchange our affiliations for free, keep exploring new opportunities, at the same time we're preventing misleading ad, click baits, fake offers, tricky job vacancies, nonsense one night rich scheme, fraudulent multi level marketing MLM, ponzi, pyramids, matrix, scam crypto and so on.

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  1. 01 - 14 - 2021
    We changed the time interval for posting any ads became every 5 minutes. This mechanism managed by Default Telegram Group
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  2. 01 - 14 -2021
    WhatsApp Privacy Policy disturb you? Join us, Telegram Free Advertising Groups, The Best Telegram Group for Affiliate Marketing. Privacy Policy is one of the many ways how we could be safe in internet, how we protect our families from identity thieves, greedy corporate and ambitious advertiser. 
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  3. GramFree is totally Scam ⛔⛔. Be careful with Scam GramFree, an absolute fraudulent crypto project.
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    Read at SiteJabber
    My Telegram Channel

  4. From our Telegram SEO Channel: Updated Info

  5. 03 - 01 - 2021
    Scam Telegram Member Adder
    Scammer trying to sell fake Telegram subscriber or member. Be careful..
  6. 03 - 11 - 2021 
    Join us at Russian forum
    New forum page has been created
    Join my "wtf" Russian πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί forum. Post anything you want: link, photo, video or whatsoever. Let's make advertising great again 😳. Join us and share your business with us, don't be shy, grow and stay together with us. No Scam No Porn! Please Check Here . Post right now and earn new back link for your blog πŸ”—. 
  7. 03 - 12 - 2021 
    Scam 419
    Very old version scamming but still exist. 
    You guys never stop offend and bombard my Telegram Free Advertising Groups with your low quality scam! Now you see me I'm not just silent and let me remind the world on basic of you. You come from (mostly) 419 old version of traditional and kiddos scamming! Check at Google Search and read at Twitter also Telegram Scam Exposed Channel
  8.  03 - 19 - 2021 
    Mass murder in Atlanta
    The effects of Hates
    Hi.. it's me #JayBaker again.. Stop talking about me.! I have deleted my Facebook post from my s**k advertiser. About #JayBakerResign ? Please I will change my attitude , I promise.. Can you see I love meme? Great.. Listen, I'm not (maybe) Trump Terrorists or FarRight! Read at Twitter.
    Tags: Jay Baker, Cherokee County, Atlanta Georgia, Anti Asian Hate, Racism. 
  9. 03 - 27 - 2021 
    Unconfirmed on its value

     We have blacklisted Minepi, please don't post it! Reason: Too many debates on this suspicious crypto project, nobody earn valuable entity from this mobile mining, this project has been years but not listed at any Exchanger yet. Promoter post Minepi will be auto muted by our Telegram bot.. Give more attention on this sanction! This is our statement and has effectively applied in our groups. We don't revoke it unless Minepi has already listed at whatever  Exchanger. Reference: AI Multiple Research. My Twitter Status

Please hack me
Please hack me! 
Since last year, I have offended Scammers, Carder, Ripper, Fraudster, Blackhat, some Escrow services, Hackers, scam HYIP investment, fake ICO, IPO, Ponzi, MLM, Pyramid scheme, Matrix, Keylogger practices, Botnet owner, Spyware and Malware developer etc...
What if you offend me back? 
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