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Social Media Pretending

social media pretending

Drama Queen by Billionaire
Arabian Kingdoms and Emirates 👑

Social Media Pretending

Social Media Pretending is my special prize and label for Arabian Kings, Queens, Prince and Princess includes Arab Regimes who live in fake Heaven of Western Life (How when summer in Gulf they made jammed London Traffic with arrogant Super Car Road Show), Meanwhile they forget if their brother and sister from their very near homeland ( Palestine Nation, Palestinian) very scared of Zionist brutalities, killing and bombing everyday and keep counting how many dead bodies they will see and they hug with their tears and blood. Can you see their desperate and hopeless eyes 👀? How you can be so heartless and ignorant? Read on Twitter

#UAE #GenocideinGazza #HearGaza #GazzaUnderAttack #Genocide

Liars among Arab billionaires

Liars among Arab and Emirates billionaires, they should be ashamed if even many people around the world who had helped Palestine are not Arab nor Persian!. . Read more about Palestine Kids 👫