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Aspiration and implementation on affiliation programs, collected from different market segments. Numerous in content servings, mostly from marketer view of points, strategies and online community movements. Free Ads Groups is online community and social media networking based on mutual benefits as affiliate marketer. Free Ads Groups consist of and committed for community in real life for such additional side income if possible

Although we gather in virtual online platforms, we are still hoping something better for next path in reality and it was an endless expectation belonging to us. Built by amazing advertising and marketing team worldwide. We emphasize on reducing expensive paid ad issues, online frauds and scam. For small businesses maker we'd like to say: You are now on the right advertisement community, worries no more how much your ad budget, we prefer to exchange our affiliations on free of scam Telegram groups without pay single cent, keep exploring new chances and opportunities. At the same time we're preventing misleading ad, click baits, fake tricky job vacancies, nonsense one night rich investment, fraudulent multi level marketing (MLM), ponzi, pyramid scheme, matrix, scam crypto, fake forex binary trading, scam high yield investment platform (HYIP), fake ICO, airdrop and investment Telegram bot - scammer sites, illegal drug dealer, scam Microsoft call center - Amazon refund cheater, popular crime carding - stealing credit card, bad escrow, scam fraudster on Telegram and many more online criminals. To be honest, there's no free money on internet (except from your parents). Scammer lure your money out by this trick and somewhat use fictitious big prize or giveaway, a simple but effective dirty trap.

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Local SEO
Local SEO means there will be a local experts for you who are able to solve your website optimization issues, Although they are preferred to be hired as local business trouble shooter, they are also capable to fix international targeting site error. 

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SEO search engine optimization
What's SEO? 

Telegram Seo
Telegram SEO

Chit chat group
Chit Chat and SEO Discussions

I'm a blogger
I'm a blogger and you? 

Latest SEO Discussions  Telegram SEO Channel 

What you should know about Microsoft Clarity

It's a powerful Analytics Tool  πŸ“ŠπŸ“ˆ With Microsoft Clarity you will know exactly what your reader doing whether just reading, copying or abusing. Device, time-frame or duration, left page status, clicked area, OS and location available. Look what I found here and guess what is his profession πŸ™„

Link will be expired in 30 days as Microsoft Clarity has mentioned and can't be extended any longer but I will provide a recorded video for anyone who wants it before time will end. As seen on Telegram SEO Channel

Google Panda Algorithm
Cute Panda (Illustration only)

You have website? 
Avoid Google Panda Algorithm πŸ“Š
Google Panda penalties occur when websites manage to rank highly despite thin or poor content that does not serve the end user. 

Google penalties happened by such these causes:
1. Duplicate content
2. Pages that have a poor-content-to-ad ratio
3. Pages with excessively general information
4. Content that offers little information

Sample of the victims are well-known sites, such as:
- likely for a poor content-to-ad ratio
-, likely for generic content
-, likely for thin, uninformative content

At the same time, pages like and benefited from the update because they already focused on highly informative content with a low ad ratio.
Source (Original Author): Bright Edge Blog

There is no absolute tool to measure and find out your site was affected by Google Panda since Google official announcements only a hint and a clue. However you will realize it when your organic traffic has dropped significantly and you admitted your contents are majority duplicated (copy pasted from other sites), too many irritating ads and involved in link scheme. Check manual action in your GSC and make sure it is not existing at this time.
Anyway you can recover it by make your content is unique, obey site structure rules, serve your reader with useful info, reducing annoying ads and many more. But all those efforts will taking enough time (that's real fact).
Keep working

Google Knowledge Graph
Google Knowledge Graph - GKG

Many thanks to Google who had admitted our free ads community in Google Knowledge Graph. We realize someday Google could erase this enhancement, anyways, thank you 😌. Google Knowledge Graph is Google's collection of information about people, places, and things. GKG is better than Google Featured Snippet because it is more actual and accurate and the content or information is useful for people. It was recorded by Google itself and we can't influence Google even more with money (paid ads), here's a sample of Google Knowledge Graph, read on Twitter or LinkedIn and about Google Knowledge Graph, as seen on Google Group

Check this group for useful bots we're using:
Only real bots and there is no scam bots example: Scam Investment bot, scam crypto bot, scam free bitcoin bot etc..

Don't be passive subscriber but be active publisher (SEO content writer) in this channel (Guest Posting) with 3K+ audiences and average 1K+ views on each publishing session (See the proof by visiting the channel)

1. People will read your article, click your link and know more about you (As Author)
2. Gain your Business
3. Posting regularly without any charge (totally free)
1. Media (Picture or Video)
2. Description or short articles
3. Link to your resources
4. About SEO
How it works?
Contact me for details and content approval. We're much welcoming unique (Not Copy Paste SEO articles) submission. Read more on Telegram
Happy Guest Posting πŸ“

Let's create mini search engine
Let's create Mini Search Engine

Let's create your own Search Engine for your blog. You can monetize your Search Engine Page if you wish by submitting to Google AdSense. Check my CSE | Documentation. Read on my blog for more info about Pros and Cons and other similar Search Engines. Here is Telegram Bot which use this CSE Custom Search Engine. Additionally you can enrich your blog by adding  Sitelink  to your blog which will be a Featured Snippet (this is the reason why I install Search Widget). Check here if one of my Featured Snippets is SiteLink or Search Widget (featured snippet is one of advanced indexing methods and it's free). CSE + SiteLink = Featured Snippet (only after you added JSON LD Schema Markup to your blog source code).
Questions & Inquiries? Please type your comments on Telegram SEO Channel

Web performance comparison
Is your site performance is better than mine? Let's compare with your Google Search Console GSC

Let's compare our site performance, it could be your site performance is better than mine or maybe worse. I use Google Spreadsheet (synchronized with Google Search Console GSC) for better filtering out. You have fully access as editor even you can clone my work, example what domains have been connected with my domain, what keywords had Google rank for me and what schema mark up I used. Let's do it.. 

Back link πŸ”—
Schema Mark Up
My Featured Snippet

All enhancements I achieved are nothing about paying to SEO agency. I learned SEO by myself such as reading many articles outside there. To create comparison, extract your Google Search Console GSC Reports, export to separate Spreadsheet, use time range 3 months for wider views, check your niche (your desired blogging goal) if it matched with the reports, if not then you need to fix it. Is your graphic uptrend? Downtrend?
Any inquiry please ask me on Telegram SEO Channel at comment section. Read on Twitter | Telegraph

Submit your business with us
Submit your business with us

Advertise your links, blog, business and affiliation with us (actually Disqus Community) and earn high authority do follow backlink πŸ”— from
Simply put your link and media on this free promotion page

Disqus is reliable blogger community, synchronized around millions websites. Once you connected to Disqus you will found yourself among Site Owners, Good Websites, Trusted Reviewers all around the world. The good news is you can install Disqus Widget onto your web pages and... Congrats.. You earned more connections πŸŽ‰. Read what I found about Disqus on Majestic SEO Tools , It's freaking awesome 😁😁. Find this discussion on Telegram SEO Channel

If you promote Telegram group or channel (free sub domain), it doesn't work coz the backlink is not for your property but for Telegram Domain (your CMS) and you earn nothing so I suggest you post your own domain unless you don't have it yet then it's alright

Telegram keywords
Telegram Keywords is good option

I share here as my recommendation to all Telegram Bloggers, we stay on Telegram for daily activities, why we are not riding "Telegram Popularity"?.. Gotcha... That's the point, let's enrich our website with Telegram Niches. My keywords I have earned for is provided below, please check my GSC report about my live keywords, you see I earn even paid keywords for free in combination of " Telegram +? +? +?... ". Yes that's true we pay nothing for PPC keywords 😁😁. Read my Google Sheet and Telegram SEO Channel


Sitemap Illustration

Sitemap definition by Google Dev Team:
A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. Search engines like Google read this file to crawl your site more efficiently. A sitemap tells Google which pages and files you think are important in your site, and also provides valuable information about these files. For example, when the page was last updated and any alternate language versions of the page. Learn more on Official Google Dev YouTube Channel. Read what they say about Sitemap, check what is basic introduction on Sitemap.
Read on my blog

Here's is my recommendation ( I use it for my blog for years and it is free). Share your critics, comment, feedback or even correction on comments section of this Telegram SEO Channel. Wanna your SEO articles published on this channel including your name, channel, group and website? Contact me on Telegram

Site performance
Never Give Up in SEO Learning

Here's why we could earn benefits from SEO if we are not upset to learn, implement and not take SEO Short Cut (at last Google penalize our site becoming disappear in Google Search if we do short cut and black hat SEO)


Google featured snippets
Free Guidance from me how to earn Google Featured Snippets

I can guide you earn Google Featured Snippets as you can see at my Google Rich Snippets Tester. A report from My Blog. What's Google Featured Snippets? Here's a sample of individual featured snippet on Google Search πŸ”

Type your inquiries and ask me how on the comment section of this Telegram SEO Channel. This service is free from me and I will provide for you when I'm online.. I prefer use JSON LD manifest as a code instead of regular mark up ( code). 

Featured snippets
A sample of Google Featured Snippet

Schema Mark Up could be: Article, FAQ Page, How To, Event, Organization, Person, Recipe, Breadcrumbs, Job Posting, Local Business, Video, SiteLink and so on. Type what kind of markup you want and I guide you how to create plus testing the code (must be following Google Guidelines). 

Happy Blogging πŸ“

I just say one thing "Content and Site Structure" are the King and Queen. Other things only ornaments with less influence. People use search engine to look for what they want to know and your site provide that info... So that's the point and we shouldn't make unnecessary confusion that doesn't affect anything for our site's appearance. Google crawler bot visit our site and index it on big library based on our site usefulness. We don't need to build guest posting as it is only spamming people's sites and this is not free at all, many site owner require payment although we contribute good article for their site. Share properly on social media to introduce our site and it's done. We must have time for evaluation although only in minutes and  we're not recommended to believe so many myths created by fake SEO agencies

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