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Aspiration and implementation on affiliation programs, collected from different market segments, numerous in content servings, mostly from marketer view of points, strategies and online community movements.

Free Ads Groups is online community and social media networking based on mutual benefits as affiliate marketer. Free Ads Groups consist of and committed for community in real life for such additional side income if possible.

Although we gather in virtual place we are still hoping something better for next path in reality and it was an endless expectations belonging to us. Built by amazing advertising and marketing team worldwide. We emphasize on reducing expensive paid ad issues, online frauds and scam.

For small businesses maker we'd like to say: "You are on the right community", worries no more how much your ad budget, we prefer to exchange our affiliations for free, keep exploring new opportunities, at the same time we're preventing misleading ad, click baits, fake offers, tricky job vacancies, nonsense one night rich scheme, fraudulent multi level marketing MLM, ponzi, pyramids, matrix, scam crypto and so on.


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MetaGer is an Embeddable Meta Search and what is Meta Search? Meta Search is An Aggregation of Search Engines, a Collection of Search Engines to be easier to say. Guaranteed Private Searching as they claimed. It's server use 100% Renewable Energy. The Owner is a Non Profit Organization.

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Since 1998 FreeFind has provided site search engines to over 200,000 websites. Advanced site search can be added to your website in minutes. With nothing to download or install it's easy and it's free! This search engine is easily embedded at your site without receiving any alerts from Google Search Console if you use heavy JavaScript. I have tested it. 
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