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Israel is Apartheid State

Palestine Kids πŸ‘«

Palestine Kids πŸ‘« • Are they still alive after Monster Zionist Israel Genocide • Free Palestine • UNICEF

Israel is obviously Apartheid State
Save Children And The Innocent
Blogger Solidarity For Palestine πŸ•Š

Palestine kids 1
Are you Army or Monster

Palestine kids 2
We wish you happy kid.. We promise that 

Palestine kidThey should be happy normally like other kids, should they waste their childhood with fear and ultimatum from heartless strangers like Israel bloody army? OMG... 

Palestine kid at war
This is not for kid, this is not war, this is systematic genocide by Israel regime

Israel army against children
A very disgusting thing of an army on the world is war against children and Monster Israel did it for decades

Find a sad video that we posted on Instagram:
Little Malik lost his cousin in the recent Israel aggression on Gaza. To the Journalis he said his cousin Yahya now in Heaven πŸ˜” • This Video is property of Times of Gaza, we share here for humanity and children protection purpose. Comments and critics are welcomed on Instagram.

Learn more about Unicef
UNICEF Official Site
Special Thanks to 
As seen on

The best and very kind country which support Palestine's Independence is Ireland. The world and whole humanity organizations are thanking to you, your amazing people and your great leaders. We wish the best and bright future for Ireland  

What happened to Palestine
Help us minimizing fake news, inaccurate and misleading data and info by capitalist and greedy corporation of mass media (too many...).. Read on Twitter. Keep and maintain the information is correct and not manipulated, adjusted and misleaded by Pro Terrorist Zionist's mass media. They could change the facts on their behalf because they have unlimited money and granted by government of powerful country (USA) πŸ’°. Mass Media had many times giving us with unbalanced views, edited narrations and non objective streaming. So sad... Mass Media is a place for misleading perceptions based on who is The Most Powerful at the moment, Mass Media is about money and power which easily stirred by Liberalism, Imperialist and Capitalism Prayers, same case as effective way used by Communism Constitution Countries (exploited by regime).

Yeah.. We can criticize US Gov but we are not allowed to complain what Anti Semitic Organization did, that's nonsense. In most cases they were playing role worse than provocation in many Social Media (excluded ADL - Jonathan Greenblatt maybe objective personality, his goals seems pure for Jews's Life. Unlike dictatorship of Zionist which well known as deadly innocent killer. Do you believe Zionist Propaganda to some Indian? After Zionist successfully killed thousands Palestinians they take selfie giving money to the very rare accidentally Indian victim.. What a great drama...

Palestine Tragedy is out of war topics, it is Systematic Programmed Genocide by Zionist, unfortunately US leaders helped this mass killings and bombings (millions dollars money flown to Tell Aviv each year). Israel Netanyahu has admitted Israel is Apartheid state and USA government has made it as potentially effective killing toys plus bloody machines (no doubt). Al Fatah, Hamas, Hizbut Tahrir and Hizbullah are awakening of destroyed, killed and bombed folks on their homeland, doesn't have modern warfare, home base on Downton and Gaza Market, how could Mossad manipulate it as threat for Jews? In fact Mossad has betrayed Jews! We love Jews and live in peace for decades (for centuries exactly) πŸ’š but we hate Zionist Regime ☠️. Read on our Twitter Status Israel is Apartheid State. A bloody country which built from tears, blood and blown human meat of Palestinian. Even Peaceful Jews hated their Regime Zionist Dictatorship.


Free Ads Groups Statement:
We're consistently support Palestine Independence. It is not about religion nor nationality but it hurts our hearts as human being where Genocide keep going in front of our eyes, In that way we never stopped to speak the truth louder. Thank You

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