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Google search console
The first and a must have tool for SEO learner, observer and expert. 


How to Use Google Search Console’s Performance Report Like a Pro. 
Like a Swiss army knife, Google Search Console (GSC) is packed with useful tools. But where do you start? Here are some simple but powerful tips for using the GSC Performance Report to boost engagement and spot opportunities.


Find your GSC:

This article is coming from SEO expert ( Cal Sherry: see his profile ) and I posted here because many members at SEO Group πŸ‘₯  told me they don't know what is and how to use GSC (so sad 😩😩)

Title tag
Title Tag πŸ”–


Title tags are HTML code with fifty to sixty characters and it works as the name
of the web page. It illustrates the website information in a single line. Myths
say that title tags and description of a web page can’t raise the search engine
results but these two significant elements can boost click through rates.

Title tags are the second most significant on-page SEO factor, after content.


 1. Display title: This is the title that web page indicate SERPs to show using
   the title tag
 2. Headline: This is the title that web pagedisplay at the top of your content’s
   page most frequently marked with an H1 tag

In some scenarios, your display title and your headline will be the similar, but
often, you will want to offer more detailed information about your article in
your headline while keeping your title tag short and simple to read.


Ping my link free site submission
Ping My Link : Free Website Submission

My Blog submitted to: Ping My Link (For full PDF file report please visit Telegram SEO Channel)

How it works? 
How it help you create backlinks? 

Here's you should know:
There are 2,3K+ pages have been created but not all pages created backlinks for your sites, some of those pages are 404 or the domain has been dead. All you have to do is click every pages and make sure your site already written there, click the link which navigate to your site back. Do it regularly, at least you click your own site on 50 different pages a day. Check your monitor after one week this backlinking trick. Search and filter good backlinks only, toxic backlinks you can disavow on Google Disavow (Semrush tool can guide you) 

When site submission in progress or it's better for finishing all those 2,3K+ pages, go to your browser, click share, choose print to PDF and it's done. Otherwise all those pages are disappeared and you restart again and again.. 

Keep Working πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’»πŸ‘