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Visit Uzbekistan

Visit Uzbekistan

Visit Uzbekistan πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Ώ
A country of Silk Road's golden ages story keeper
Great achievements after Soviet Union collapsed

Do you know Uzbekistan? Bukhara? Samarkand?
No? Not sure? Never heard? Why?
What about Silk Road?
Yes! ..They are just the same (place of events)

Have you heard about the Republic of Karakalpakstan?
No? I guess so, let me show you if they existed and if there were great ancient societies and kingdoms (in the past)
What you should know about Uzbekistan in the past and present-day
The tourism industry in Uzbekistan

Almost all contents here are sourced from this Tourist Zone Telegram channel and I re-share them here with the permission of the channel owner a.k.a. DπŸ’“NTourist Zone Uzbekistan is a tourism and historical info channel that broadcast any tour-travel info straight by native UzbekSo, if you think this post is worth knowing kindly visit his/her channel or contact him/her over Telegram chat directly. We do this collaboration as mutual benefit cooperation and there is no single cent of money being used (definitely free). And this page is very likely similar to our Visit Africa page.

lake charvak
Lake Charvak - Tashkent region - Uzbekistan

Tashkent and Uzbekistan tourism scope

Bukhara mosque
Bukhara ancient Mosque and Madrasa (basic school till college)


Welcome to Bukhara

What is Bukhara famous for?
Karakul lambs' fleeces, silk, cotton, leather, carpets, and clothing were all traded from Bukhara, as well as gold embroidery and metalwork, and many of these crafts are still practiced in the city today. Bukhara's ancient history was closely intertwined with the growth of the Silk Roads through Central Asia.

Top Attractions in Bukhara
1. Great Minaret of the Kalon, a religious site
2. Samanid Mausoleum. Historic Sites • Points of Interest & Landmarks
3. Mir-i-Arab Madrasa.  Historic Sites • Religious Sites
4. Chor-Minor
5. Ark of Bukhara
6. Poi Kalyan Mosque. 
7. Lyab-i-Hauz. 
8. Moschea Bolo-khauz

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