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Hexagon Amoled Neon - The Best Live Wallpaper for your Android

Hex Amoled Neon

Hex Amoled Neon Live Wallpaper • The Ultimate Customizable Live Wallpaper in 2021

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Sude Dev
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Hex Amoled Neon - Live Wallpaper

Live wallpaper, neon
Navy Blue Remarkable Colors

Enjoy the beautiful geometric hexagons on your screen. This live wallpaper is specially designed for Amoled screens. It is fully customizable and fully adjustable to meet your needs. Optimized for ultra low battery consumption. You will be amazed by the interactions of this wallpaper.

  • ☆ You can turn touch interaction on or off according to your preference
  • ☆ You can choose between random dynamic changing RGB Color or single band dynamic changing color for the shapes.
  • ☆ You can pick your favourite color using HSV color picker and adjust it to suit your mood😉
  • ☆ You can adjust the speed of animation by setting the time between shapes auto-appearing and disappearing to best suit your preference.
  • ☆ You can select custom color gradients to use.
  • ☆ You can select the maximum number of hexagons on the screen as you like.
  • ☆ You can adjust color brightness.
  • ☆ Auto changing dynamic RGB colors.
  • ☆ You can set the orientation angle of hexagons or make it random.
  • ☆ You can set the drawing line width according to your needs.
  • ☆ You can set the maximum size limit of hexagon shapes to make it suitable according to your preference and to best fit on your phone screen.
  • ☆ When you do not use your phone, this live wallpaper will sleep and it will not wear your battery out.
  • ☆ No ads..

The Live Wallpaper works on every type of phone screens like TFT, AMOLED Super Amoled, LCD etc.

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Hex Amoled Neon