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Aspiration and Implementation on Affiliation Programs, collected from different Market Segments, Numerous in Content Servings, Mostly from Marketer view of Points, Strategies and Online Community Movements. Free Ads Groups is online community and social media networking based on mutual benefits as affiliated marketer. Free Ads Groups consist of and committed for Community in real life for such additional side income if possible, although we gather at virtual forums we are still hoping something better for our next path in reality. Built by Amazing Advertising and Marketing Team Worldwide. We emphasize on reducing Expensive Paid Ad Issues, Online Frauds and Scam.

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We created Free Advertising Community for people worldwide to promote their Online Business, Seller meets Buyer, Employees meets Hiring Companies, Jobs Seeker could find what they want, Promoter earns Commission from their Marketing Efforts, Local Business Maker productively sells items to Nearby Customers and so on..

Providing The Best Advertising Methods for Start Up Business Maker, as it is Our Main Purpose, and we see it is not an Abstract Self Proclaim, We are in progress at New Achievements. Moreover all members are able to explore anything we did or maybe you can share your experience with us. Any inquiry could be discussed altogether.

Critics are most welcomed. We just need your patience to be with us. Free For Everyone is our commitment, now and forever. No Racism in the community, each words that containing even hidden insults will be noticed and end up with instant termination.
Telegram is messenger which allow you having entertainment with some good media shared by the others. If you think you join Telegram and you will be rich, then definitely you heard Telegram from scammer.

Legit Opportunities

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legit opportunities fairyseason website is paying free advertising group payment proof

Legit opportunities with payment proofs from CPA Company - Admitad and from Advertiser - Fairyseason 

Is FairySeason Legit?

FairySeason Reviews from Affiliate Marketer View of Points

Seobility, Admitad and FairySeason reviews

The hardest way to have real income on internet is the source to whom we are working to, it's like searching a needle in prairie but yeah... I got one.. Admitad and Fairyseason.. Yet I believe still more paying company that will do the same.. We can say it is legit if we have valid our own payment proofs, Whether it comes from Company, Institutions, Investments Projects etc.. If we don't have it please see it as "Unproven".

Details on Fairyseason we write at the end of this post.
Thank You

List of authentic money maker, side income, jobs, and numerous chances to make our life better will be served and updated soon. We're working hard to find the legit one. So stay tuned πŸ€—

1. Seobility Affiliate Program

Do you know if Seobility opens affiliated marketing job for you? 

Seobility is trusted SEO checker company as like as Semrush, AWS, Alexa, SEO Profiler and much more.

I have tried it, meanwhile i can test my blog performance I can get commission by promoting their service. My commission  balance is € 5.50 ( Screenshot attached at lower side) when I write this text. Withdrawal threshold is €100. PayPal payments is available if you have issues with Tax / VAT etc. Sounds nice right..

Is Seobility really legit? 

As my observation is yes even though I didn't get paid yet personally ( because it's still €5.50 😭😭 ). My opinion based on many reviews and their company profile. Say I put score 70 / 100 about they pay me or not when (I don't know when) reach €100 withdrawal threshold. I just try and try also rely on their capabilities creating such amazing SEO checking company. 

It depends on your efforts to get you take benefits on their program. I didn't enforce you yet I share what I know because I use their service for free about one year, check my  Telegram SEO Channel And I can improve my basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. 

   The Seobility affiliate program offers you to benefit from an innovative and unique product with an unbeatable price / performance ratio. 

   With different plans for individual businesses, Seobility addresses both end users and agencies in the field of search engine optimization and assures you as an affiliate the best possible conversion without expensive waste coverage. 

   In addition, you earn per every free user account and get a lifetime commission on sales once the user chooses a paid account.

How to start it? 

πŸ’š To join as an affiliate partner is very easy. Register as a partner and get an affiliate link and banners etc. which you can use on your website. For each user, which is referred by you or your website, you get a sales commission.
πŸ’š A visitor clicks on the affiliate link and will be referred to Seobility.
πŸ’š The IP address of the visitor will be stored anonymously and a cookie will be saved in the users browser.
πŸ’š The visitor signs up with Seobility and will be tracked in your affiliate account.
πŸ’š Once the new user orders a paid plan, you will get a monthly sales commission for the time the user stays as a client.
πŸ’š We will check the order and confirm the sales commission after successful payment.
πŸ’š The earned revenue will be added to your affiliate account.

Affiliate conditions

πŸ’š 30% Lifetime revenue share
πŸ’š Additionally 0.50 euro for each referred free account
πŸ’š 90 days cookie duration

Minimum withdrawal is €100 monthly. 
Interested? Please click  Seobility Site for more Information. Go to affiliated menu and register your account and tadaaa....... It's done.. Congratulations πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

    My current commission balance

Seobility | Das SEO Tool fΓΌr Onpage Optimierung

Onpage Optimierung Automatisiertes Crawling und Fehlererkennung der gesamten Webseite mehr erfahren Rank Tracking Überwache Deine Platzierungen und analysiere Deine Wettbewerber mehr erfahren Backlink Analyse Behalte Dein Backlink Profil im Blick und finde Ideen für neue Backlinks mehr erfahren

2. Admitad GmbH

Admitad LogoAdmitad logo click per sale company
Admitad stylish logo

New LogoAdmitad Logo new creation nice
Admitad Logo
Worldwide NetworkingWorldwide coverage area marketer
Trustworthy Global CPA Company

There's still a hope for marketer, every road has its ending and so about our global pain. Never give up ✌️😷. 
#covid19 #coronavirus

Do you know there is side income for publisher called Click per Sale (CPS that same purpose with CPA or Click Per Action)? Mostly of you I suppose, one of paying CPS company is Admitad GmbH

This quarter of year is not brighter as we expect after we were going through extreme temperature in last year winter and won't shine like Rihanna's diamond in our way for welcoming next spring. Covid19 or Corona Virus had terminated our happiness building network in affiliation marketing, not just us are facing it, it's global community's pain. What about you? Have you ready for worse unpredictable pandemic? I hope so.. and I wish and I pray for you all.

From updated our free advertising Telegram Group as we managed it for about 1 year also give us bad news, many Scammers camouflage their identity with Covid19 donation mask. Shameless they made and acting looks like very sad but at the end they ask people to invest or donate to suspicious projects for Covid19 Recovery Programs, so sad but true :-(.

Not only bad news we also have good news for affiliate marketer and promoter... Oh really? Yes it's true, we found one of our referral link get "Sales status". For marketers it's gaining their confidence since at the beginning we just see only "Impression >> Visiting >> Click". No more than that. How disappoint it was.

Sale status means you will get paid in next days based on at what date your CPS or Click Per Sales company will pay you every month. I'm honest I got my next payment only about $20 but it's enough to give me spirit during this Covid19 pandemic. I give you screenshots but please don't insult me due it's just small amount ok. By the way I join this CPS Company (Admitted GmbH) It's Russia, Germany, UAE and some countries around Headquarters.

More details info.

Payment proof of Admitad G
Affiliate marketing company payment proof screenshots
Payment proof of Admitad GmbH

Admitad is an affiliate network

You can massively generate links which will direct users to a required page of an advertiser's website. Container on the advertiser's website where you can intergrate banner or email retargeting Smart banner rotator that among all banners selects the most appropriate ones for a specific user.

3. FairySeason - Wholesale

And I like to tell you if that Advertiser that will pay me is Fairy Season. Thanks to them for "hiring" me :-). A little bit about Fairy Season and why you don't join me to promote it? You can join their direct affiliation by using their deep link or through CPS Company like me, there's no mistake for trying ok πŸ‘✌️πŸ€—. Welcome to FairySeason or Fairy Season if you like it separated. Your smart shopping skills have led you to an amazing online shopping destination where you’ll find dresses, tops, pants and more! Our commitment is to provide a wide range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing at stunning factory direct prices along with a class-leading customer service experience to our worldwide community of customers. With more than 10 years offline fashion branch experience and business connections, Fairy Season has blessed fashion trend finders and high quality product providers. This makes our online shop Fairy Season grow very rapid in short time. Now it’s very famous all over the world. Fairy Season provides popular garments for both individuals and wholesalers. We offer a whole catalogue of products including clothing, shoes, accessories etc. Our long-term-cooperated & high-quality products providers decide that we have perfect wholesale process and service. Our Team works with full passion and creativity. We value our relationship with everyone of our customers, so our professional customer service team is always available to help you. As we are constantly adding new products, all of our staff are fully trained in the latest trends and offerings.
We sell women's clothing, dresses and accessories all over the world at competitive prices, and with a high level of customer care. Fairyseason WW is a participant in China Fest 2020.

Details info please click:

Official Website

Or Here's The Consumer Review at


Casual T-shirt white girl
White T-shirt
Army theme T-shirt girl red jacket
Army theme & red jacket

Casual ladies trending footwear
Ladies casual footwear

White T-shirt for girl nice
Numerous exotic white T-shirts

Yellow accessories girl
Cool accessories

Fashion updated new
Always updated
flower theme nice looks T-shirt
Sunflower theme T-shirt

Online Clothing Shopping | Women's and Men's Clothes | Fairyseason

Fairyseason is the best Online Clothing Shopping Boutiques, get the latest fashion clothing online at Fairyseason.com with amazing prices and free shipping.

Who we are? :

- Online Community and Social Media Networking
- Author on Advertising Sites
- Creator of Advertising Groups
- Mostly coming from Suburbs District around the World.

Every new internet user usually ask "How I get money from internet", is it real or fake? or at least has question "What about additional side income"? could I have it?.

Honestly it needs time to learn what's about all of those Virtual Jobs, Opportunities, Affiliations and much more. In fact many of them fallen into scam and being the victims due lack of information.

How they could learn if everything must be paid? Anything must be sending money before actually known what the hell is recurring side income? How they could survive being online if their own Internet Service Provider (ISP) hanging up their own resident's neck? How they get real affiliation programs and how to promote it, if everything must be in paid plans? How?...

Here we come into and try to raising hands to help each other. And that's the point about us. Folks for Folks, Marketers for Marketers and not for "Greedy Companies". We trying to do the best with all our "Disabilities", especially in Financial Issues. We know who we are, We are nothing but only Marketer.
Thank You.

Definition of Free Ads Groups

The word of "Advertising" honestly is not the right term because it is a Verb and "Advertisement" is the real Noun rather than Advertising, we need an "Item" to imagine it instead of an "Activity". Unfortunately Advertisement is not popular as like as Advertising, moreover people is preferably make it shorten and it becomes Ads or just Ad, drastically cut off but people already knew what the hell of Ad is. So.. it is not an issue anymore. You see how many times Google write it as Ad only? Very very Unlimited;)....

Technically, Advertising is An Effort to redirect Perceptions and Influencing on Wishing which enhanced to Buying Behavior of Customers or Clients with a Persuasive Selling Message (somewhat is over acting) about Products or Services.

Somewhat, In many cases are over acting and turn into Clickbait. If we advertise something to someone that didn't expect to receive our Ads, they could call us as Spammer and we are exactly Spamming them, a simple way to trigger complaints even more at Social Media Forums.

So stay away from Spamming because you need Audience, Visitor, Buyer and so on.. Don't make them hate you because Excessive Advertising okay...If you think it was sent by mistakes then ask apologize as fast as lightning to your new "victims"..

Meanwhile Free Advertising Group is a bunch of collection on those words. You already knew it. Sorry I don't want take any reference from Wikipedia as like other Blogger did, I don't want to be Blind Follower on some Reference Platform. I like to be owner of Natural Ideas. This is a truth if my article is not passing through Standard Quality of Content, I know it well, no worries at all.

Pretending to be Happy Online Social Community? Is that true?

Hmmm... I'm not pretending Bro... As we have many issues and I have told members always, We are not only from Scammer we got many problems, Some Big Company also restricted us on their behalf, say: This Domain I bought from Google being blocked by Facebook and that's why I uninstall Facebook sharing at this site. I don't want visitors that sharing this blog has issues at Facebook. Again, at Quora, where I tried to create Ads Space at Quora also closed by Quora Management without I don't know what happened. Sounds horrible right?

But it's alright, nothing can stop us, because we believe we did all those things for people that has no lucky especially in financial matters. I guess you already knew who they are. The Show must go on ... No worries.. We're a Great Team of Global Marketers.

So...Join us anywhere we created Advertising Group ok.. Information always Updated, you don't need to worry losing information where exactly we have created New Ads Space..or just Collaborative Ads Forum for beginners.

Where to Advertise For Free ?

We have resolved your issues in such ways. However we need your Feedback and Support what we should do in future. Some Giant Companies said They help you to grow your Business significantly, in fact Some Cases told us Different Situations, They want your money indeed.

Business is Business but They masked it with magic words "Helping People", as a hint see this: Is there really Free Promotion Package being held by Big Advertising Companies? Of Course Not. After some periods of time or after you reach the "Free Budget Limit", They keep asking you to pay the rest of your "Unsuccessful Campaigns". I guess you already knew "This Public Secret".

That's why we exist, trying to provide Ads Spaces as we could, at least telling New Internet Users if too many there are Misleading Offers in such Global Marketing Fields.

Google group

Google Group :

Google Group is Online Community or Forum that relying on Mailing System to connect between members and posting articles at group, every content that posted by other member will trigger notification to the other through The Favorite Product of Google, I mean Gmail. This Virtual Community of course created by Google.

There are two Versions of Groups
The Free Version for Everyone, and another Version for Organizations (Work, School, and so on). The tasks you can do and features you can access depend on which version you have. If you're signed in with a Work or School Account, The tasks and features available to you which could be customized by your Administrator. Unfortunately our Advertising Google Group did not require Students or Organization, as long as you have Gmail Account you can join us without any questions. Sounds nice right..

Telegram free advertising groups

Telegram Advertising Group

WhatsApp Privacy Policy disturb you? Join us, Telegram Free Advertising Groups, The Best Telegram Group for Affiliate Marketing. Privacy Policy is one of the many ways how we could be safe in internet, how we protect our families from identity thieves, greedy corporate and ambitious advertiser, somewhat is bad politician behind the "Great Wall of Tech Corporations". The horrible things in Internet Era. If this secret is shared to giant and monopolistic company then you know what will happen, even mid competitor company will regret and blame you why you disclose your last secret? And about Telegram? Telegram secret chat has been tested thousands times by hacking competition and the result is Big Null . Read how we see and use it at Telegram Reviews

We are at this group for daily activities. As most of us are Promoter, Affiliate Marketer, Channel and Group Admin, Member, Owner and much more status... A mixture on 5 Continents, Religions, Political Perceptions, Cultural Demographics and so on. All those differences has one similarity: Promotion and Advertising for Free. No doubt at all.

If you need Social Media Forums and Ads Spaces to promote your Business without getting Banned for posting a Referral Link, then you meet The Right Community. Our Ad Community was based on the Root of Society. We do not accept Sponsorship at Entire Groups, We do not want such Greedy Companies controlling Us. If We are at Telegram now, it means We only obey Telegram Rules, nothing else.

As written at This Blog Descriptions, It says Community Ideas, Sharing, Advertising and Collaborations, so here the point about us: "We are Global Community" that created by Affiliate Marketing Programs Joiner or Campaigns Player Worldwide. We keep our status Opened for All New Membership. Nothing about asking your Details Information, We respect your Privacy Rights. We never ask you " Hi Bro, Where are you coming from? " Lol..This question is annoying and We understand it very well. You can be anonymous and say "No Comment" with us and everything is alright.
For New Member We like to say: Welcome and Congratulation..


This blog was written, created, and published by people who have been years on Telegram, we have different position at Telegram Groups. All information provided here based on real experience, we try to be honest and nothing to hide.
Unlike other website who only give reviews as a guest, outside Telegram user or maybe the worst: Fake Telegram Member Adder. Do not believe Telegram Members Adder, because mostly fake, scam and give no point to your Telegram Community.
If you want your Telegram Community is growing natural, organic and joined by human please stay away from Software Auto Adder, if your subscribers are bots we will know if you are not fair. Promote your Telegram Group, Channel or even Telegram Bot at Social Media, make good relationship with your next subscribers and the last is: Do not scam your own members!

In advance we could collaborate to Authorized Crime Justice Institutions, example FBI or Interpol to give more information about all Telegram Frauds in our community. We give all information we know for Free. We hate scam till end of the world. Contact me with Telegram Account, my name is Shireen Duvillard.

About Telegram Login

You will be prompted to communicate with our Telegram Group Manager Bot "Mae Van Bot-en πŸ‘©", accordingly if you want direct login with your Telegram account and without awaiting any longer, a confirmation will be sent to your Telegram account through official Telegram Notification Service. It's fast and secure πŸ”’. Your Telegram username and profile will be cached automatically by Website Server, Website owner ( example: me) didn't know you have logged into Telegram via my site. I didn't record anything about you, It's good for Privacy Policy.
More info on Telegram Group, Channel, Bot, Telegram SEO even Telegram Scammer available here.

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Advertise Here For Free
Unlimited Submission

Advertise with us at NO COST - Now and Forever - Seriously not a Trick nor Gimmick. We have relocated Advertising and Comment Section to Special Page but still in this site due "Over Capacity" in Appearance. We are so sorry for this Inconvenience Caused. You can continue post your Unlimited Advertising for free. Just click picture above. Thank You

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List on All Advertising Groups πŸ‘₯

List of Groups - All Social Media - Advertising Community - Affiliate Marketing Forums
At last, here all the things we can do right now, creating Free Advertising Groups on all Social Media. Actually not all Social Media because some of them looking at me as Bad Spammer, example: Quora. Quora has collapsed My Quora Space with no reason and ridiculous excuses just because my profile : Free Ads Groups πŸ˜‚, same case with any Spanish Forum which banned me after one day registration even I didn't post anything yet. It's alright and not a matter. Just click the banner to check it if you are interested to join us. You can click whether This Link or banner above, both will redirect you to this website page which provides The Groups List. Happy Marketing..

Last but not Least

How we manage all those things is here: There is traffic flow between our Advertising Group and Advertising Site. As they are connected each other and both two sides are also referring each other, so we could hold new and old members as long as we can in our Community unless they are not happy again with their respective reasons.

We understand there's processing that indicate coming in also coming out and that is very natural also It is alright.

In quantity maybe stagnant but in quality we have little bit progression compared to one year ago, I mean about our existence exposure, more people and marketer know more about us as Advertising Group Creator on Social Media. That's good news. For online presence it seems we have our own "Virtual Common Identity" or we call it Tag or Hashtag, namely: freeadsgroups, as time goes by the keyword freeadsgroups or free ads groups, has been admitted by Google, easily you find our online community with that keyword or tag.

Our concept is "Free for Everyone" has been never changing and also remains the same in future. We kindly deny all sponsorship due we want to be clean on such Ambitious Advertisers at our entire groups. Instead of just promoting such boredom products we have moral responsibility to alert any warning for new internet users not to jump into Systematic Fraud and Independent Scammer. Once again, We did it with our Financial Disabilities..

Thanks for being with Us..
Be Success πŸ†

MetaGer is an Embeddable Meta Search and what is Meta Search? Meta Search is An Aggregation of Search Engines, a Collection of Search Engines to be easier to say. Guaranteed Private Searching as they claimed. It's server use 100% Renewable Energy. The Owner is a Non Profit Organization.

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