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Social Bookmark Sites

Social Bookmark

Social Bookmarks, bookmarking
Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmark - Sites - Catalogue - Tested by Me

Social Bookmarks sites that will gain good backlinks to your site. It is legalized by Uncle Google, so no more worries you get penalized. You just need to maintain good relationship with Social Bookmark Sites Owner or Admin by posting good articles and not spammy contents. 


Mostly external links which provided here has been modified using "Sub Domain Forwarding" method. This method is white listed by Google. It doesn't affect anything to your browsing experiences due my Domain Name is a Google Domain and has been verified by major Security - Safety Tester. Thank You.

What is Social Bookmark?

Before we talk about about Social Bookmark, let's start it from the purposes we tag something or a special page for our own usage. We need it and that's why we save it right? . 

When we browse internet and we found a very very interesting items, of course we don't want losing it, as soon as we tag it in browser bookmarks, it could be a logo of star, ribbon or just a text "add bookmark" in your browser drop down menu. 

When we mark a page as "saved" or "bookmarked", your browser will send a signal to your search engine you use (example: Google) if you like that page. Google will accept and record it as useful page ( This is the process of Google indexing has begun). I'm honestly recommend you to bookmark your own website pages to trigger your very own site indexing process. If you are struggling enough to get indexed why you don't try this legal tricks? 

And Social Bookmark is: You bookmark a page or maybe a website to larger scope from individual browsing as you just did it daily at your browser. Larger audience or reader instead of yourself read it when you bookmark a page at (example) Hatena, Delicious, FolkD, VieSearch, Exchangle and much more sites. Members of Social Bookmark Community is human not a bunch of bots, so if they click your site will add more organic traffic to your site. Sounds awesome right.. 

I know many blogs and sites already talked about Social Bookmark, some of them are very serious and has very good articles, so here I just sharing what I know about Social Bookmark, my own experiences of course. I don't like to copy paste other author articles, No No No... I'm sorry I won't do that. What I wrote here is what inside my head Bro... 

As there are many Social Bookmark Sites outside there, I will share and start it from what site is useful and bring you back a backlink to your site. Some are Do Follow and some are No Follow backlinks. It's not a problem you earn No Follow backlink as however Google will consider a No Follow backlink as a "hint" or "sign" if your site has a "vote" from other sites. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other Big Platform backlink is No Follow backlinks, don't get me wrong, it's not a secret.. ;) . You can check whether Follow or No Follow backlinks at some Backlink Tester Tools, you already knew that. If you don't like No Follow backlink you can stop posting article with them and it's done. 

Hatena blog
Hatena Blog

1. Hatena Blog

Hatena Blog is cute Japanese Blogger Community platform but it is opened for members around the world. 

Mix, Stumble Upon
Mix or Stumble Upon

Mix is forum for Blogger, Author, Writer, Journalists and other professional person to share their resources especially sharing their blog and website, whether via direct sharing or by adding at common platform server (bookmarking). 

Exchangle bookmark
Exchangle Bookmark

3. Exchangle

Exchangle is the easiest way to create social bookmarks, very simple to add any link with instant description previews, you will be asked to add any available drop down categories, after all... It's done. The good news is Exchangle reward your site with good domain authority baclink and it is "Do Follow".


The Best Social Bookmark Site ever. Maybe many of us forget if Twitter is also categorized as Social Bookmark Site by its function. However since Twitter has given many features to his users, we become addictive then with Twitter. Mass influences is one of Twitter's points of value. 


Pinterest is the best for visual marketing instead of Instagram due Pinterest allows us to insert proper link. This platform is well known as Company with Woman Owner, so you will see Pinterest is blinking with many women accessories and that is very awesome. By the way I'm good fans of Pinterest too ;). Backlink is No Follow but you will see your site get backlink from Pinterest in different countries domain names as such as: .ca  .fr  .au  .cl and much more. 


6. Pocket

Pocket is becoming popular Social Bookmark Site or App since it has Podcast Audio Transcripts which reward you with Nice Voice of Narrator. Really2 excited since you are able to "listen" to your own site texts block. It's same with Narro which you can find at down below info. 


7. Narro

Narro is also has Podcast Features. The best part of Narro (my experience) is fast indexed at Google Index when you submit a site at Narro and it has High DA Do Follow backlink from Narro. Try it and you can thanks me later.... 

Google bookmark
Google Bookmark

8. Google Bookmark

 You already knew Uncle Google right. I just want inform you if you will earn Do Follow High DA Backlink anywhere you put your website link at Google Products, example at my Google Group or my Google My Business . Psssttt.... To avoid Uncle Google angry with your link building, you must add proper texts, sprinkled around your link, so you are not bad spammer but you're good blogger.. ;). Don't forget to click your own link when you finished it to notify Google Crawler Bot if that connection is exist. 

Internet Archives
Archive Organization

9. Archives Org - Wayback Machine

Internet Archives, now formerly known as Wayback Machine is huge library for internet databases. As a public access, it allows you to access and check someone else property, example: Photos, Webpages, Files and much more. You can submit your blog link to be read by the others and give you a link back to your blog. Meanwhile you surfing with Archive Frames you can automatically create a snap of your pages and once again you create good backlinks. This organization has very trusted reputation for years and many bloggers relying on his services.

Domain bookmarking eu
Domain and Page Bookmarks

Easy to register, simple interface and of course high authority domain value they will send you back to your site. No matter it is "nofollow" relatives, it still considered as your votes to your resources by Google. It's a Germany Platform, the owner is Sri Lanka Ferien, a well known Germany Internet Activist, having so many SEO tools.