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Visit Africa

Visit Africa

Visit Africa • Reliable Tourism Service for major Africa Travel Destinations 🏝☀🌊

Category: Tour and Travel Service
Partner's Business
Service Coverage:
East, South and Northern Africa. Owner:
Paul Okello
Visit Africa
Kampala - Uganda
Legal Company Name:
Architect Tourism SMC
Founded: 2019

Visit Africa, tour travel
An Africa Wide Leading Tourism, Traveling Guidance and Entrepreneurship


Visit Africa is an ultimate tourism and travel guide which covers so many destinations around The Continent of Africa. Inspiring an unforgettable and breathtaking experiences on Beautiful Africa Land. 

Visit Africa is an Africa continent-wide leading tourism brand of Architect Tourism SMC (stand for Single Member Company) which introduce every tourism destinations in every country in Africa, how to get there, amazing attractions, things to do, how to get around, where to stay and much more. 

We're serving you with an adventurous breathtaking and thrilling experience of tourism of Africa. 

We craft partnership with leading tourism, travel, and hospitality based companies and agencies fo inspiring, crafting and enabling magnificent  experiences for our clients.

Visit Africa’s carefully crafted partnerships opens the entire Africa for you to experience. We are expanding, crafting partnerships in every country in Africa, inspiring new innovative ideas for a breathtaking tourism experience, and enabling these difference processes to occur so you can spend your time in Africa making life long breathtaking experiences.

We are currently working to ensure our services are available in all the major destinations in Africa, covering all the regions of the continent.

Photos in our database:

Beach, tour travel information
Exotic Shiny Beach 🏖
Giraffes • Wildlife
Elephant • Green Landmark

Animals are feeding in wildlife
Feeding in Valley

Sleeping lion
It's time to get relax

The Hidden Treasure

Chatting? Why not? 

You know what I feel? 

Egypt pyramid
Egypt • Pyramid