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Cafago Electronics

Cafago Reviews Disclaimer
We didn't review whether Cafago is a scam or a legitimate company and the rating so far, please take a deep analysis or refer to other online reviews before buying from Cafago. Thank You.

Cafago Electronic • Is Cafago Scam • Cafago Promo Code • Cafago Gutschein • Cafago Free Shipping Code • Coupon Code • Is Cafago legit

CAFAGO WW • Worldwide online electronic seller • What Cafago sells • Electronic Supplier • Cafago Reviews

CAFAGO WW: Meet our electronic devices experts

Cafago wholesale

About Cafago:
Cafago is a worldwide online electronics seller that provides an unparalleled selection of high-quality gadgets, unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping, and exceptional customer service. We sell thousands of products including cell phones, RC toys & hobbies, cameras & camcorders, smart wearable devices, LED lights, etc. At Cafago, we strive to provide the best products at an amazing price.

The best Electronic Products Wholesaler
Global products version

Our Task

At Cafago, our vision is simple: to become the leading online electronics retailer. Then it offers you the best gadgets, an unbeatable shopping experience, punctual delivery, and exceptional customer service.
For us, the customer is always king. Our total commitment to customers enables us to work closely with each customer so that we can work with each client. If you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship your order. It is complete when you are totally fulfilled.

Our Culture
Cafago has a professional service team with team spirit, creativity, and reliability. In addition, we want to share new ideas with our employees and take it as a business model.
Our goal
Our goal is to develop as a well-known leading e-commerce platform. We try to be innovative. Our goal is that our customers and consumers have the lowest prices and the best product experience. Have fun shopping with us. 

Excellent customer service
We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality Items and the best consumer experience. We take your satisfaction seriously. We offer a professional and dedicated service to customers regardless of order size.
Our Support Centre will respond quickly to your support tickets, while our leading live chat and 24-hour phone service will provide real-time support. 

Some of CAFAGO Return Policy:
Guarantee, Return & Refund Policy Returns applicability.

Please note in the following cases that consumers can request returns. 

1. Item (s) have no defective parts, no artificial failure, no damage to packaging, accessories, instructions for use or have not been activated within 7 days (including working days and weekends) since received. 

2. Item (s) were found with obvious defective parts and have not been applied within 7 days (including working days and weekends) since received. 

Within 14 days from the time the package was received, without justifying the reason for the return. 

Items are missing from my order, what can I do? 
Possible reasons: Order shipped split: Check your order to make sure it was not shipped split. Contact our customer support. CLP Ordered from different warehouses: If you have ordered from 2 different warehouses, several orders will be sent. 
CAFAGO made a mistake: In rare cases, an item can be missing in the packaging. Package damaged or items removed: The package appears to have been modified or damaged and the items were dropped. 

If you've checked, something is still missing. Take photos of the goods arriving and the missing goods, then please contact our customer service by email, which includes your order number and a copy of the package declaration.

I received the wrong item. 

1. Please contact us and tell us your order number and detailed information. 
2. Our customer service team will answer you within 24 hours. 
3. As soon as the customer service confirms that the items are incorrect, we will inform you about the return. 
4. As soon as we receive the wrong item, we will refer you to the correct item. 

An item was damaged in transit. If your item was damaged in transit, you can get a full refund. When requesting the refund, please be ready for our customer service team to deliver the diagrams as quickly as possible, which can clearly show the problem with the item and the courier number. Please provide proof of damaged documentation from your courier. Alternatively, you can open the item in front of the delivery person. If it is damaged in transit, you can refuse it. And you can email us about the case for a reship. The subject is not like a description. If the items received are not what you ordered or not as same as the description, you can keep the item at a reduced price. Or contact us for a replacement or a full refund. 

Exceptions for returns Please note in the following cases that the goods cannot be taken back. 
1. After receiving the defective goods the consumer does not require the deliverer to return the defective goods. 
2. Any return requirements since the items were received over 7 days (including working days and weekends). 
3. Any man-made breakdowns or unauthorized modification to objects. 
4. Consumers cannot provide an order ID or order information on 
5. Consumers artificially tear or change objects' logos, serial numbers or waterproof signals etc. 
6. Objects were broken in the event of force majeure (natural disasters etc.). 
7. Breakdowns of operations or setups that are not followed by instructions for use. 
8. Items have not been sent out within 7 days (including working days and weekends) after we have confirmed replacement requirements from the consumer. 
9. Items activated over 30 days (including working days and weekends) after receipt. 

How to return the items? 

Step 1: 
First, contact our customer service by email at 

Step 2: 
Please mark the order number, and your telephone number and write "Return" on the package. You should also let us know the order number after you send it.

Step 3: 
We will arrange the shipment after receiving your returned items. Or we will send your money back to your bank within 10 working days after we have confirmed your request for a refund. Please contact your bank for your order refund follow-ups. If you have any questions about returns, please contact us at

Our Opinion:

Hopefully you are not disappointed with our info on this wholesaler, more info just go their official website by clicking link below:

Cafago Wholesaler • Reseller

Read Cafago reviews at Sitejabber which summarized here: CAFAGO has a consumer rating of 4.5 stars from 575 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with CAFAGO most frequently mention fast delivery, customer service and best price. As we know if Sitejabber is trusted reviews website for customers worldwide. 

Have magnificent days to you all guys. Take care..
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