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Evraz wallet

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EVRAZ, system of electronic cash
We present to your attention EVRAZ system of payments and mutual settlements, functioning on the cryptocurrency blockchain Bitshares through the mobile application EVRAZ Wallet.
Our project is based on the needs of business and individuals in creating effective instruments for financial interaction between different structures, simplifying the conduct of mutual financial settlements outside the traditional financial institutions.

The main advantages of this system are: simplicity and ease of use, high transaction processing speed, as well as the ability to open nominative accounts. Compliance with these requirements provides the Graphene technology.
To ensure the functioning of the project, a user asset called EVRAZ was issued on Bitshares DEX. At the exchange through our market-makers, we maintain the stability of the asset.

Evraz wallet
Google Play
Google Play

Developed application for smartphones.

EVRAZ Wallet:
Open source at gihub.com:
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You can download the application on Google Play Store
We plan to constantly refine and improve EVRAZ Wallet both in terms of functionality, and in terms of external perception and ease of use.
The information about us is placed on the main Internet resources, in social networks and messengers.
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