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After 2 months

An online existence summary how we were experiencing such many online fraudulent activities in our free ads groups

A Story behind our Ideas and Movements

How we see ourselves as self introspection

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Never give up, exactly about what we are doing in these periods of new struggling. After 2 months experiencing a blog building, yet it's a free plan we are always optimistic and satisfied with the progress. Thanks for Blogger for allowing us writing our ideas till this minute. 
I need to share something what we did, hence wether you accept, ignore or skip it I proudly like with your response whatever it is. As I have informed before if we're at this Free Ads Telegram Group have struggled enough to give the best place for marketers, advertisers also publishers to meet and sharing anything that could gain our side income, little bit in amount of money daily is very enlighten for our online existence. We're not corporate group nor rich people community. We're just this internet era sub complements. No more and no less. But we have committed purposes, goals and maybe some unimplemented dreams 😁. 
Back to topics: Sorry I'm so sentimental πŸ˜†. The progress is we could have 20k+ members at our Main Telegram Group and 20k+ this Free Ads Blog page views. It's little bit fantastic due we start it from nothing, operate it in nothing also reached some progressions in nothing. Nothing in my dialect is free for everything. 
-Are you serious? 
-What is the secret? 
-Please don't lie to me! 
No bro, I'm serious and I'm not lying to you because it's useless and we were friends for such long time. Let me make it clear, the key is your "curiosity to know"! That's it, nothing else. Some tricks that I use maybe not common practices but trust me it's not illegal, you know if illegal, scam, fraud etc are bad keywords and please stay away from those unwanted to be born attitudes, now and forever, okay. 
I think it's long story to be uncovered. Here is the deal you join My Advertising Group  and contact me at Telegram Group so you can see and check what we're doing everyday and every night ☀πŸŒ™⏰πŸ’€. Deal? Great πŸ‘.
Thanks for everything especially for reading and joining us. Have amazing days in advance. Bye2.

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WHAT IS NEW πŸ™„πŸ†• - 1

Search Engine Optimization SEO πŸ”

Guest SEO Posting Now opened at this SEO channel πŸ€— Terms and Conditions: πŸ’¦ About SEO only. πŸ’¦ Free post, I have no money to pay you. πŸ’¦ Contents: Media + Descriptions + Source Link + Identify of you ( your Telegram username or your own website).

Seobility | Das SEO Tool fΓΌr Onpage Optimierung

Onpage Optimierung Automatisiertes Crawling und Fehlererkennung der gesamten Webseite mehr erfahren Rank Tracking Überwache Deine Platzierungen und analysiere Deine Wettbewerber mehr erfahren Backlink Analyse Behalte Dein Backlink Profil im Blick und finde Ideen für neue Backlinks mehr erfahren

Why we upload Free SEO checker here πŸ™„πŸ™„
The answer is it was meant you get faster and reliable SEO checks for free right now. Many members at our Telegram Group is confusing how to start it. Just click the banner above and check your website performance and follow their tutorial if your site has many errors. Do it step by step ok... SEO is not instant noodles Bro..... πŸœπŸ˜πŸ˜‰

WHAT IS NEW πŸ™„πŸ†• - 2

1. Adding comments section where anyone can post your ads with us. As Google said we must have useful website plus content for people I thought I already did it by providing this space as Free Advertising section, I know about Spammy Site but please this section is intended not to spamming but for advertising freely. And it is not different with Classified Site which promoting some ads, unfortunately this site is Simple Blog, so it could not reach maximum capacity as like as PHP Classified Site. And I need emphasize on these points: Your ads must be authentic, not misleading ads moreover scam ads. Do not post same ads ( repetitive) as it is annoying and absorb many spaces. Link is allowed which will generate backlink to your site.
2. Some trials on how we create ads hub widgets.
3. More inventory on our free ads groups across social media.
Please join them as I guarantee there is no fraudulent ads in our network. We are working hard to reduce scammer activities till this moment.
4. Free Ads Groups and Blogs: Community Ideas, Sharing, Advertising and Collaborations. This is our concept, any feedback, suggestion or even an insult we accept it, kindly forward it to my email address.

Thank You πŸ€—


🌱 To Amidu Edson: Please re-upload your Ads and use gmail for login or only anonymous and don't use Facebook login because Facebook login Open Graph is blocking Google Bot to crawl this Blog.
🌱 To Malina95: please reposting again because you use typo word (shadow or imitate original word). I got warned from Seobility, please send me first your ads at my email address for re-checking.
Thank You

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