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We created Free Advertising Community for people worldwide to promote their Online Business, Seller meets Buyer, Employees meet Hiring Companies, Jobs Seeker could find what they want, Promoter get Commission from their Marketing Efforts, Local Business get more Nearby Customers and so on..

Free Ads vs Paid Ads

Pros and Cons between Free Ads and Paid Ads

Free Ads versus Paid Ads : Facts behind the Scenarios.

Why many marketer prefer to use free advertising and try to be enjoy with it?

Free Ads and Paid Ads: You have choices

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Which one is better? 

Along these 2 years in creating and maintaining Free Advertising Telegram Group, there are many things to be evaluated and informed to all internet users especially for new promoters or marketers:
- What are they? 
- How it will be described in simplest way? 
- Is it valid data? 
The answer is I tried to give you all the nearest actual information, not 100 % but perhaps about 90 % in authenticity.

All my evaluations are based on my own experiences and observations, not intended to offend someone or some companies.

Just honest "practical" from marketer's view of points. If the articles seems harmful I'm apologize for that and I'm happy to fix it. 
Here we go:
FREE ADVERTISING (ADVERTISEMENT is the truest means of noun) 

- πŸ’š Members are happy with free ads groups ( especially in our community) as there's no rejection in uploading a link. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and other self defense platform, we're ( as we joined Telegram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Group, Mix (Stumble Upon), Archive Org ( Way back Machine), Pinterest Board and many more are allowing post a link. 

Advertising is not Spamming ( Even almost the same) and please don't spamming ( Excessive advertising in such short period of time). We must respect the platform owners by not sending excessive ads. Send your ads properly at Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin etc. Don't send misleading ads even more a "Scam Ads". 

- πŸ’š We're "Free for Forever" in advertising. This is what The CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov said but there will be slightly paid advertising in future, fortunately it is not for now. Honestly I like to join free advertising platform with the reason:
I'm promoter, I got paid when there's a sale (CPS / CPA) or just CPC and CPM. The last paid method is the worse method for advertiser and has no quality in advertising because many publishers use dirty tricks to gain clicks / views. Many cases are bots visiting your sites ( bad ideas). 
So.. How I get money to cover all my internet expenses? It's the hardest way for new marketer's solution right. The only way is pay yourself at first, when you get paid on some sales then you can breathe fresher (^_^♪). This time we really need "Free Advertising Media" instead of paid media with no guarantee on successful sales. 

- 🚫 Because it's very easy to join, only with phone number or email address, so many members will use fake email address and phone numbers to join and get approval instantly. 

"What platforms? Almost of all πŸ™ˆ."

The exception is platform that require your information matched with your zip code, right land street address, phone numbers, email plus verification with complex methods.( Yet we are also worry about Privacy Policy they misuse on it). Do you know what are they? Here's the samples: Google Business Listing, Yelp, Shopify, Etsy and other very strict platforms. 

It will affect many fake users because it is very easy to join. The worse is many fraudulent person a.k.a scammer will be active user ( bad ideas). 

- 🚫 Free Advertising Groups like our groups usually didn't require too many questions to join. We don't ask you: what's your country, your age, gender, your education levels, your English skill in understanding a bunch of messages and bla bla bla.. No we don't do it with some reasons that we could not describe here. 
So... What is the negative results on all of these? 
The answer is pointing to what happens daily in our groups, for example we make rules "No Scam, No HYIP investment ( scam), No Pornographic, No fake side income jobs etc.." What happen then? I don't know exactly what is the real truth on our members, whether they don't know basic English or they don't know how to join new group (in fact they must understand group rules before post anything) or maybe they are not promoter as we expected when we created the group or something else... 
They post pornographic, they post scam bot, they post HYIP investment (scam), they post useless and not paying link shortener ( like gplink, adfly, etc), they post ... And so on. 
These are really happened as it's very easy to join our community..... So sad 😣😣. 

Overall there's no absolute score to be counted. We just "try to be enjoy" in all situations, that's all we know. I don't know if you have better comparisons on both of advertisements. Contact me then if you don't mind to sharing with us. 

What about audiences quality in both methods of advertisements? 
Bro we're working hard to collect that data and give to you as soon as possible okay. So stay tune with this blog. I promise to give you interesting facts on both advertisements. 

See you next post about PAID ADVERTISEMENTS and variety advantages plus its disanvatages. 
Take care...✌πŸ’šπŸŒ±

Free ads or Paid ads? You have choicemistakes by FacebookFacts - Actual Affection
Stay with us. More updates available soon.. 

Who we are? :

- Online Community and Social Media Networking
- Author on some Free Advertising Sites
- Creator of Free Advertisement Groups
- Mostly coming from Suburbs District around the World.

Every new internet user usually ask "How I get money from internet", is it real or fake? or at least has question "What about additional side income"? could I have it?.

Honestly it needs time to learn what's about all of those Virtual Jobs, Opportunities, Affiliations and much more. In fact many of them fallen into scam and being the victims due lack of information.

How they could learn if everything must be paid? Anything must be sending money before actually known what the hell is recurring side income? How they could survive being online if their own Internet Service Provider (ISP) hanging up their own resident's neck? How they get real affiliation programs and how to promote it, if everything must be in paid plans? How?...

Here we come into and try to raising hands to help each other. And that's the point about us. Folks for Folks, Marketers for Marketers and not for "Greedy Companies". We trying to do the best with all our "Disabilities", especially in Financial Issues. We know who we are, We are nothing but only Marketer.
Thank You.

Definition of Free Ads Groups

The word of Advertising honestly is not the most nearest meaning from what it should be due Advertisement is the real Noun rather than Advertising, unfortunately Advertisement is not popular as like as Advertising, moreover people is preferably make it shorten and it becomes Ads or just Ad, drastically cut off but people already knew what the hell of Ad is. So.. it is not an issue anymore. You see how many times Google write it as Ad only? Very very Unlimited;)....

Technically, Advertising is An Effort to redirect Perceptions and Influencing on Buying Behavior of Customers or Clients with a Persuasive Selling Message about Products or Services.

Somewhat, In many cases are over acting and turn into Clickbait. If we advertise something to someone that didn't expect to receive our Ads, they could call us as Spammer and we are exactly Spamming them, a simple way to trigger complaints even more at Social Media Forums.

So stay away from Spamming because you need Audience, Visitor, Buyer and so on.. Don't make them hate you because Excessive Advertising okay...If you think it was sent by mistakes then ask apologize as fast as lightning to your new "victims"..😁

Meanwhile Free Advertising Group is a bunch of collection on those words. You already knew it. Sorry I don't want take any reference from Wikipedia as like other Blogger did, I don't want to be Blind Follower on some Reference Platform. I like to be owner of Natural Ideas. This is a truth if my article is not passing through Standard Quality of Content, I know it well, no worries at all.

Pretending to be Happy Online Social Community? Is that true?

Hmmm... I'm not pretending Bro... As we have many issues and I have told members always, We are not only from Scammer we got many problems, Some Big Company also restricted us on their behalf, say: This Domain I bought from Google being blocked by Facebook and that's why I uninstall Facebook sharing at this site. I don't want visitors that sharing this blog has issues at Facebook. Again, at Quora, where I tried to create Ads Space at Quora also closed by Quora Management without I don't know what happened. Sounds horrible right?

But it's alright, nothing can stop us, because we believe we did all those things for people that has no lucky especially in financial matters. I guess you already knew who they are. The Show must go on ... No worries.. We're a Great Team of Global Marketers.

So...Join us anywhere we created Advertising Group ok.. Information always Updated, you don't need to worry losing information where exactly we have created New Free Ads Space..or just Free Ads Forum for beginners.

Where to Advertise For Free ?

We have resolved your issues in such ways. However we need your Feedback and Support what we should do in future. Some Giant Companies said They help you to grow your Business significantly, in fact Some Cases told us Different Situations, They want your money indeed.

Business is Business but They masked it with magic words "Helping People", as a hint see this: Is there really Free Promotion Package being held by Big Advertising Companies? Of Course Not. After some periods of time or after you reach the "Free Budget Limit", They keep asking you to pay the rest of your "Unsuccessful Campaigns". I guess you already knew "This Public Secret".

That's why we exist, trying to provide Ads Spaces as we could, at least telling New Internet Users if too many there are Misleading Offers in such Global Marketing Fields.



We have relocated Advertising and Comment Section to Special Page but still in this site due "Over Capacity" in Appearance. We are so sorry for this Inconvenience Caused. You can continue post your Unlimited Advertising for free. Just click button down below. Thank You

Google Group πŸ‘₯

Google Group is Online Community or Forum that relying on Mailing System to connect between members and posting articles at group, every content that posted by other member will trigger notification to the other through The Favorite Product of Google, I mean Gmail. This Virtual Community of course created by Google 😁.

There are two Versions of Groups
The Free Version for Everyone, and another Version for Organizations (Work, School, and so on). The tasks you can do and features you can access depend on which version you have. If you're signed in with a Work or School Account, The tasks and features available to you which could be customized by your Administrator. Unfortunately our Free Ads Google Group did not require Students or Organization, as long as you have Gmail Account you can join us for absolutely free. Sounds nice right..

Free Advertising Telegram Group :

We are at this group for daily activities. As most of us are Promoter, Affiliate Marketer, Channel and Group Admin, Member, Owner and much more status... A mixture on 5 Continents, Religions, Political Perceptions, Cultural Demographics and so on. All those differences has one similarity: Promotion and Advertising for Free πŸ†“. Sounds Great right.

If you need Social Media Forums and Ads Spaces to promote your Business without getting Banned for posting a Referral Link, then you meet The Right Community. Our Ad Community was based on the Root of Society. We do not accept Sponsorship at Entire Groups, We do not want such Greedy Companies controlling Us. If We are Telegram now, it means We only obey Telegram Rules, nothing else.

As written at This Blog Descriptions: Free Ads Groups and Blogs: Community Ideas, Sharing, Advertising and Collaborations, so here the point about us: "We are Global Community" that created by Affiliate Marketing Programs Joiner or Campaigns Player Worldwide. We keep our status Opened for All New Membership. Nothing about asking your Details Information, We respect your Privacy Rights. We never ask you " Hi Bro, Where are you coming from? " Lol.. This question is annoying and We understand it very well. You can be anonymous and say "No Comment" with us and everything is alright.
For New Member We like to say: Welcome and Congratulation..

List of Groups - All Social Media - Advertising Community - Affiliate Marketing Forums

At last, here all the things we can do right now, creating Free Advertising Groups on all Social Media. Actually not all Social Media because some of them seeing us as Bad Spammer, example: Quora. It's alright and not a matter. Just click the banner to check it if you are interested to join us. Happy Marketing..

List of Groups πŸ‘₯

List of our Free Advertising Groups - all social media - Everybody could join us and post your business for absolutely free... πŸ†“ Note: (Before going further) We're proud to inform if we're strictly terminating all fraudulent ads and scammer at our entire groups. With or without being watched by @durov or other Telegram CEOs.

Last but not Least

How we manage all those things is here: There is traffic flow between our Advertising Group and Advertising Site. As they are connected each other and both two sides are also referring each other, so we could hold new and old members as long as we can in our Community unless they are not happy again with their respective reasons.

We understand there's processing that indicate coming in also coming out and that is very natural also It is alright.

In quantity maybe stagnant but in quality we have little bit progression compared to one year ago, I mean about our existence exposure, more people and marketer know more about us as Advertising Group Creator on Social Media. That's good news.

Our concept is "Free for Everyone" has been never changing and also remains the same in future. We kindly deny all sponsorship due we want to be free on such Ambitious Advertisers at our entire groups. Instead of just promoting such boredom products we have moral responsibility to alert warning to new internet users to not jump into Systematic Fraud and Independent Scammer. Once again, We did it with our Financial Disabilities..

Thanks for being with Us..
Be Success πŸ†


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