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Aspiration and implementation of affiliation programs, collected from different market segments. Numerous content servings, mostly from the marketer's view of points, strategies, and online community movements. Free Ads Groups is an online community and social media networking based on mutual benefits as an affiliate marketer. Free Ads Groups consist of and are committed to the community in real life for additional side income if possible.

Although we gather on virtual online platforms, we are still hoping for something better for the next path in life reality and it was an endless expectation belonging to us. Built by amazing advertising and marketing team worldwide, everyone is invited to join and to post free ads, no boundaries, no social level discrimination, no political vision is allowed, and of course, no racism. We discuss, share, promote, gain knowledge, fix the ways we advertise and earn benefits from our global marketing efforts. Getting successful sales is hard to achieve but why don't we try, practice your marketing strategy with us at no cost at all, and let's grow together, best wishes to you all.

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List of Scam Telegram Bots - Fraudulent Websites - Tricky Scams - Fake Money Offer

Reviews by Free Ads Community

At last, we have our own collection of reviews. So far we have added our comments and reviews at major Reviews Platforms, for example, Trust Pilot, Site Jabber, Scam Adviser, Product Hunt and much more. We did it to alert other users, clients, buyers, and new internet users to always be aware of so many online fraudsters and scammers nowadays. 

We will say and shout it out as a scam if it is really a scam, also it's legit if it is as pure products or opportunities. No tendency, no intrigue. We prefer to offend scam and fake companies instead of watching our own brother-sister got scammed. So.. Be careful with all fraudulent ads owner or even scammers themselves. We disclose what is behind your bad tricks to earn dirty money. 

Contents will be added and updated soon as we have reviews on other platforms. At this moment we only use these blog admin reviews, in the future, we will add reviews by reader's posts or other relevant reviews on blogs or sites. We apologize if we can't upload in a single posting time because it's impossible to do that big job, so we tried to add the list from time to time and this page always has new looks and daily refreshed ๐Ÿ”„

Free ads groups reviews
Free Ads Groups Reviews

We love to upload scam activities rather than authentic big corporations due you can find legit information at a website like Forbes, Business dot com, etc meanwhile legit community platforms you can stop your searches at LinkedIn, etc. 
Thanks for being Free Ads Community with us ๐Ÿ˜‰

Scam alerts
Scamming is the property of bad guys, no matter where are you or who are you. 

Scam Alerts:
Don't believe someone who said too good to be true. At first, maybe you think he was right until you realize your money has gone with the wind because you are too good to be a person.
Be careful with your virtual life. Once you got scammed, it's very hard to take your money back. Don't believe Recovering Agency, in many cases, they are worse than scammer itself.

Category: Scam ⛔

  • Gram Free or GramFreedotnet is Scam: Read on Twitter and Read at SiteJabber
  • Coin Tradax or CoinTradaxdotcom is Scam: Read at Scamadviser
  • List of Telegram Scam Bots and Websites: Read at the Telegram Scam Exposed channel.
  • Intelion Mining or intelionminingdotcom is a scam: Read on Twitter
  • YFIC token giveaway is a fake crypto project, the reality is they want your money by creating a crypto giveaway camouflage. Read at: Telegram Group
  • Scam Elon Musk giveaway ⛔. Don't believe that fake giveaway, Elon Musk Twitter has been hijacked and sending false giveaways and stupid offers, at the end, those syndicates ask you to send Bitcoin to a suspicious anonymous Bitcoin Wallet. 
  • Crypto Trading UK or crypto-tradingdotuk is a scam, there are no trading activities, in fact, they use your money to create a circle in which one will be paid first, it will end up when there are no more new investors or stupid internet user to pulled over their scam network. Read our review at Scam adviser
  • Carder ☠️. Do you know carder? Carder is a cheater. Carder is a thief! Credit Card snake ๐Ÿ. An impersonator of a genuine seller! Criminal! Fake Amazon seller! And what about Escrow? Just the same, both of them are liars! They always trying to cheat you by saying they can afford you items with so drastically dropped price, even Amazon itself can't give you that amazingly low price, is it make sense? Lol of course that is bullying to you. Credit Card thieves are also called carders. Read at Scam Blog and Twitter
  • Scam Crowd1 - Many friends and people from Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, and Sub Sahara were thinking if Crowd1 which belongs to European citizens is legit. A short summary of scam Crowd1 - Issued by Formal Business For Home Organization: As of June 12 we removed Crowd1 from our company database given the Fraud, Scam, and Ponzi warnings from top leaders in the direct selling industry as government institutions and regulators in New Zealand, Namibia, Philippines, etc: “We recommend exercising caution before dealing with Crowd1 and Impact Crowd Technology S.L. as they are not registered companies or financial service providers in New Zealand”...... Read more and Here's the Real Truth

  • Scammer have been banned at my telegram group
    3,049 fraud members have already been removed from the group. Why does it happen? 

    Wanna know how many scammers, scam ads promoters, carders, cheaters, and liars (fake income opportunities promoters) have been deleted, kicked, muted, and banned at Telegram Free Advertising Group. The statistics above show 3,049 fraudulent along these 2 years. That is from one Telegram Group meanwhile we managed more than 40 groups (excluding 35 Telegram Channels and 24 Telegram Bots). Can you imagine that? So sad but true...   • As it has been tweeted.
    Fake Telegram Member Adder
    Fake Seller of Fake Telegram Member, how many fake? ๐Ÿค”

    Scam Telegram Member Adder or Subscriber Seller. Read at Telegram Scam Exposed ChannelChannel

  • Nobody gives you free $75 even PayPal itself. Watch out ๐Ÿ‘€ on PayPal login keylogger! If you click login, you lose your money. Another tricky scam at Telegram group. They bully you with free $75, in fact, they want your PayPal email and passwords. This scammer website is lnkmeupdotcom ⛔⛔. Read at Twitter

    PayPal fake login
    Be careful about suspicious login offer from an unknown website, they could spy on your secret data without you even realize. 

  • Telegram scam trading channel
    Telegram Scam Trading Channel
    Do you believe this scam Telegram cryptocurrency and forex trading? ๐Ÿค” Oh my God. They are at telegram groups and telegram channels to seek new victims, impersonating legitimate social media accounts, runaway after cheating your money, and relocating from Facebook to any trending messenger. Read at Twitter

  • Cheating a Mom with a disgusting tricky scam by deleting computer files and changing all credentials? Wow... What kind of people are these? Do you know we will publish your crimes? So let me do it, I'm at the beginning has told y'all, scammer! Read at Twitter

    Scam alerts

  • Scam Dating. What do you know about your friend of the future? Is she a real woman? Is he really rich as like in his photo? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ You should back to your basic instinct instead of your love desire. If you disagree with me it's your choice, just prepare yourself to be broken heart, the worse is you lose your money in fantastic sum just like this FBI report.

    Here is an example:
    Scam dating
    Traditional Scam Dating ☠️☠️
    Posted at Stop Scammer • Feb 10, 2021, by Joseph (USA)
  • As Joseph said:
    She contacts me online. After 3 months of a talk, she told me she loved me, that it was killing her that she was not with me. She wanted to come here to the US and live with me and get a job, I thought she meant it We talked she he had no money, I gave her are fare money for her passport and she said a work visa, that the travel agency faked that she would work at a hotel in NYC. The day before the flight she went to check her bags at the airport, she was told that she needed a $5,000 bank draft to be allowed to leave Ghana for the US because she was a first-time traveler.??? I got her $2,000 she said she got $3,000 from her uncle?? On the way to the bank with the $5,000 to get the draft, she got attacked in the taxi, left in the street, found by a good samaritan, was taken to the hospital was there for 2 weeks. Full story read at Stop Scammer Site
    More articles about online fraudsters, fraudulent, criminals carders, scammers, and so on will be added and updated on this page. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ’š

    Scam Matrix, Ponzi, Pyramid ☠️, etc has the same dirty tricks. They don't think twice to squeeze your money till the last cent.
    And Many Thanks to the original video creator ( Not me ;). Your video was helping a lot of people ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’š. 

    Scam Crypto tricks
    Scam Crypto Tricks
    This scammer is trying you trigger error notifications from your Trust Wallet, after some period and because of your curiosity about his fake promise to give you the "wow sum of the coin", you begin to rethink resetting your password, and key phrases (public key). After you failed you begin to send a message to him, of course, he asks for your wallet credentials and... You Game is Over!!

    Fake or fact
    Fake or face? 
    My recommendation for a complete Fake Website Database. I see it always updated by Artist Against 419 Organization (as website property). 

    Fake company MarkScan India
    Fake Company: MarkScan

    Do you know the fake company MarkScan? It always makes YouTubers cry because YouTube shut down people's channels for false copyright infringement claims, the worst is his actions like blackmailing YouTubers and another start-up marketer. 
    Once again, about The As**ole MarkScan, recently fu*king Abhishek Dhoroliye dogs spying on my groups and reported newbies in Telegram ( a girl maybe, namely Bimla Devi, same Indian with fu*king Abhishek Dhoroliye MarkScan ). 
    MarkScan Co In owned by as*hole Abhishek Dhoroliye in New Delhi India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ  is a blackmailer masked with the company name. Don't be afraid if he threatens with copyright infringement traps, I know you just sharing content with a dedication to the original author also add a disclaimer on your channel.
    In fact, He wants your money! Be careful! 
    Read on Twitter
    See a sample of his coward report on Telegram Group and Channel

    Read on Twitter, see how the victims complain back which mostly YouTuber

    MarkScan is blackmailer
    MarkScan is a blackmailer who masked with the company name, in fact, it was a fake entity. Read on Telegraph

    Shireen Duvillard reviews
    Help innocent people from being scammed by sharing your voice on trustworthy reviews sites

    Let's fight back scammer ☠️ How? It's easy and very effective to make their fraudulent business go to hell. Send your reviews to trustworthy reviews sites, for example, Trustpilot, SiteJabber, BBB, Scamadviser, and many more... Don't let them make poor people poorer. I rely on you ๐Ÿค—
    See what I did on Scamadviser Site
    Read on Twitter


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