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    Inspirational story
    Anemoia • Wind • Greek 
    🌹 A rose contains petals of five, one by one they fall like a tower of cards, I feel our friendship is on the line, so risky that he disappeared without a trace. The figure of his soul keeps haunting me, because of how soundless he faded away without a single footprint left behind. Our bond developed too fast and ended too quick, I can't believe that the yesterdays, we were fine, but now, there's no more of him and that makes me sick. Wherever he is at this moment, I pray that the angels will protect him at all cost.  
     - Michelle -

    Silence calms us
    Calming down the noisy anger
    SILENCE helps when we listen
    unhappy words.
    When someone is angry.
    When slander seeks us.
    When the offense strikes us.
    When someone gets angry.
    When criticism hurts us.
    When we hear slander.
    When ignorance accuses us.
    When pride humiliates us.
    When vanity provokes us.
    SILENCE is the kindness of forgiveness
    who keeps silent and waits for time ...
     - Hamza -

    Old Town at midnight
    Meet you next sunset
    I wish your dream to be filled with pleasant fantasies, magical dreams, incredible serenity,  so when sunrise comes and wake me up to the singing of birds and the bright light of the gentle sun!  Let the coming day bring something new to life and be filled with positive and discoveries. Tonight the star tell a fairy tale and the moon show a dream. Let each night bring you one step closer to achieving your dreams. Each star sends you a charge of vigor the next day and the moon fills your soul your heart with the most beautiful feeling "Love". Close your kitten eyes and have pleasant dreams! Good night beautiful people.
     - Darya -

    Rain story
    A Rainy Story
     💦 Have you fallen in love with the rain?
    Is it because the countless of droplets can ease the pain? Or the fact that they place light kisses on your skin?
    💦 Have you fallen in love with the dark?
    Is it because the eerie sound can calm you down? Or the fact that lost souls decorates your back with beautiful marks?
    💦 Have you fallen in love with me? Is it because of my indescribable kindness?
    Or the fact that you don't have other choices than me?
    If my fate forced me to disappear like this, then this is my last letter to you. Scribbled words full of untold feelings. Should I pour everything? Should I keep things straight and leave? Tiring days when I've to keep myself busy. Even with all those exhaustions on my skin. I won't forget. Your laughter and memories tattooed back in my mind. At first, it's indeed hard to let go. Be one with the rain as my cries become unknown. But we learn to walk separate paths. For that reason, I've to say goodbye with tears rolling down. But let's meet again in the future. For now, we can only leave each other behind.
     - Michelle -

    Life goes on even we've been stopped by.
    Life goes on like a streaming river. Where you watch its water moving down rapidly. Fallen leaves of memories move along it. As you stand on a bridge with closed eyes. Soft heartbeats, be one with the calm nature.
    Life goes on as some people dives in closer. We could swim in deeper to the bottom or just being engulfed, drown and disappear. Some wishes to give up midway, as swimming for hours could exhaust you, same goes to the purpose of life. But no matter what, life still has to go on. Nothing should be stopping you. As most things are just temporary but remember that life could be more than just a river. Who knows, it could take you to a vast ocean, where freedom lies behind an unexpected future and moments.
     - Michelle -

    Flying bird
    Flying for Freedom
    We are like this. We dream of flying, but we fear heights, we limit it on the ground, we put up barriers.  To fly it is necessary to love the void, freedom to be free and to get rid of everything that prevents you from flying beyond, because flight only happens if there is emptiness, space and uncertainty. Emptiness is the space of freedom, the absence of certainty is a leap into the dark without fear of falling, trusting. Men want to fly, but they fear emptiness, They cannot live without certainties. That's why they exchange flights for cages, fears and insecurities. Cages are the place where certainties live, where one does not dare or venture or certainty prevails and the fear of change is great preferring certainty to uncertainty about what it may be.
     - Hamza -

    The stars' unspoken truth
    Someone once told me, that the stars exist for an astonishing reason. Well, those little dots of precious glitter. That spilled across the nothingness above. Tried to tell us stories every single night. 
    But they're voiceless, twinkling through the cold silence are their words. As each pulse of light speak a different adventure. Longing tales of love and its cruel betrayals.
    I wonder what they would say if they told my story. Would they tell the story of a young innocent girl. Who wanders around the earth's surface. In her joyful self, with a smile on her face? Or the story of an unnamed stranger. Who has her own cries muffled into a pillow. As she begs for life to treat her better?
     - Michelle -

    Now and Forever never lasted
    Friendship, in fact, is like a dating that worked. But without that drama of celebrating every month and without that need to ask to know how you are doing. In fact, friendship is no explanation, no request for permanence, any badly given or given good advice. It needs silence, understanding, the fuck being spoken at the right time. No charges of "I told you", or no need for "I love you" weekly. It's the complication, the alcoholic coma, it's the PMS, the certainty. Friendship is not that thing of being sure you have, but the certainty that you couldn't lose even if you weren't. You see? Friendship is not what comes and goes. It's what stays and won't go.
 - Hamza -

See your future
Today's future vision, what different? 
You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you'll escape it one day and how amazing it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going from time to time, but you never do it. You use the future to escape the present." Your eyes see the future first.
 - Michelle -

Nature is suffering and asking: "till when?"
We could plan a thousand miles journey but if God stretch it only inches long and that's what will happen.
 - Shireen -

Congratulations on this wonderful morning! Precisely today, to open up a day for you that will bring the most wonderful discoveries and achievements. A ray of sunshine on the glass, the shadow of a titmouse on the wall, you will now open your eyes and realize that life is beautiful. Smile, because you will have a wonderful day filled with wonderful events. Let the morning freshness give a lot of impressions and new ideas. Good morning beautiful people. 
 - Darya -

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