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What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Definition


What is Digital Marketing
Definition and Outlined Points

Simplest way to understand Digital Marketing

Here's summarized points we have collected from around the sources. I know mostly of us still in confusion what exactly it is. For the expert it seems drawing back a past life, so naive but it could be helpful self  tracking and for the noob this page is the fastest free course on internet (hopefully).


Digital marketing or online marketing is the promotional method for a business or brands and how to introduce products or services to potential customer by utilize the internet and variety of digital communication. The tools are such as email, social media, and website or blog advertising, text and multi media messages (messenger) as a marketing channel. Whatever it is, if a marketing and advertising program use digital communication tool then we call it as digital marketing. Digital marketing had been bypassing all marketing efforts and strategies that use gadget, electronic device and internet all around. And the great person behind digital marketing concept and strategy is Philip Kotler (Chicago IL USA). Had been spreading out across the globe no matter where you are and no wonder even in small town we found a digital marketing services.


1. Social Media Marketing - SMM
2. Search Engine Optimization - SEO
3. Search Engine Marketing - SEM
4. Email Marketing
5. Marketing Automation
5. Digital Advertising
6. Content Marketing


1. Content Marketing
2. Search Engine Marketing
3. Display Advertising
4. Mobile Marketing
5. Social Media Marketing
6. Email Marketing
7. Influencer Marketing
8. Affiliate Marketing
9. Video Marketing
10. Audio Marketing

How to start:

1. Know the basics of Digital Marketing.
2. Create your Online Identity example: Blog or Website
3. Learning SEO
4. Learning Google Analytics
5. Try to get Google Ads Certification
6. Become Freelancer (in correspond field)
7. Make relationship among similar enthusiast (not limited but still in the path)


1. Data Analysis (data entry and data flow analyzer)
2. Content Creation (writer, blogger, news reporter, podcaster etc..)
3. SEO & SEM (simply follow Google and other search engines guidelines)
4. Content Relationship Management - CRM (know how to manage good and long term relationship)
5. Communication Skills (HRD, phone operator, CS etc..)
6. Basic Social Media Experience (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc..)
7. Basic Designing Skills (graphic design, digital art, illustrator etc..)

How much money you can make from Digital Marketing ?

According to legitimate survey (for US residents, not all countries have same value) around $40 - $45 per hour or above $90K annually. Sounds awesome right? So let's start it by finding out on my favorite wordstream blog (beginner and expert level are available) always ;)
Pointing out what we can do on this trend is equipping ourselves with enough skills then implement it on freelancing world, it's the best way to earn money if we're are not wise investor neither talented businessman. These platform for examples are:,,,, and many more

Social Media Marketing Girl
Social Media is an effective and free way to start

Social media marketing
To be honest, Digital Marketing is not too far from Social Media

freelancer platforms
Freelancing is a way how we earn money on this digital marketing era