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How to generate quality leads online (in SEO perspective)

How to generate quality leads online

How to generate quality leads online with SEO - Using Google Analytics and Search Console as research tools

What are the differences between website traffic and business leads - Understanding the source of traffic and leads - Quality leads meaning and how to convert them become a successful sale

Online marketing is essential for businesses of all types. People use websites and social media apps to find products and services they need, to communicate with businesses they'd like to do and they advertise online or offline so they can reach potential customers as they expected. Without these methods or channels, businesses couldn't reach new customers or generate leads for selling products.

website traffic and quality leads
Understanding website traffic and quality leads is a must to do to overcome the lack of business competition

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the mechanism based on targeting the audience by bringing them to the stage where you want their information to be disclosed to you such as their name, birthdate, geolocation, buying interest, and much more. And popular lead generation tools software (for automation purposes) examples: Hub Spot, Hello Bar, Jot Form, Sales Forces, Shopify, Big Commerce, Wise Pops, Optin Monster, Lusha, Alba Cross, etcetera. Introducing a lead-generating machine by Internet Marketing Geeks that has a proven system and makes sure you're at the top of search engine results.

However, we can start our own research to generate leads by using SEO or Search Engine Optimization and then we send emails and subscription forms. Since the target audience is the person that we want to do business with, we should make sure the mail we sent is not unsolicited email, irrelevant offers, and harmful invitations. Observe carefully what's their behavior and interest, and define these two entities (personal and business) into different services as well.

But wait, before we go deeper inside this complex and rather hard to achieve (if we don't understand the basics of online marketing), we can simplify them to only 2 property ownership instead:
1. First, the tool belongs to you, for example, your own website or blog, your hosting server, app, songs, videos etcetera, including all items that you have copyright on it
2. The second property model is you put them on social media, events, and, forums. Basically, you don't own the platform although you create an account inside, such as on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. To be honest, all your hard work for promotion will be deleted or removed if you violate their rules because the platform is not yours.

tools to generate leads
To make it simple, all marketing tools we classify that numerous stuff to which is "yours" and which one is "does not belong" to you

You use your own property (examples: your site, survey, contact form, feed subscription, invitation page, blog, song, video, app etcetera)

Let's start to define your strategy if the tool belongs to you, say it's your own website. If you rely on a site and blog to generate traffic and leads you should consider the use of free-of-charge Google Analytics and Google Search Console. There's no doubt about the capabilities of these two items for monitoring and new prospect research. In fact, they are synchronized with the biggest search engine on earth, that's Google Search, although other search engines can't be underestimated for building your marketing projects indeed.

Google analytics
Google Analytics is a must and first ever to use before implementing other 3rd party research tools

Google Analytics recorded all traffic including from referral sites and direct sharing, it's different from Google Search Console which only noticed traffic from organic searches, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etcetera

Google search console
Google search console is handling the main role for all types of online decisive research, integration with GA will expose all secrets behind what people search on the internet

What Google Analytics serves you for free:
  • Multiple reports, such as demographics, retention, acquisition, engagement, device tech even more monetization progress report (based on your settings)
  • Realtime visitors overview
  • Integration connection with Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Big Query, Display & Video 360, Data Studio, Optimize, Survey, and, much more
What Google Search Console gives you:
  • Your site performance within a specific and adjustable time range (performance)
  • What people actually search for when they open their gadgets (queries). This section (query search) is the most important point of lead research from an SEO perspective. Adjust the tab of the time range, country, pages, device, and search appearance based on your needs, so you have the imagination to be implemented what people want and who they are behind the great wall of the internet 
  • Urls and sitemap submission for indexing
  • What's wrong with your site troubleshooting, including security and manual actions conducted by the Google administration
  • Linking sites and domains (popularly known as backlinks)
  • User experience reports, such as page experience, core web vitals, mobile usability
  • De-indexing or page removal and much more
So, if you use and rely on the website as the main tool you must be patient with SEO, it's not a one-night success project but maybe it drags you to months or even more years later before you can reach the stage of a successful writer, marketer, entrepreneur and so on. Believe me, SEO is the best and proven winner among other free and paid methods, you just need more time and never give up on all the obstacles afterward.

You use other people's property (examples: social media, live streaming, event, and forums)

Not your property lead generation and marketing methods examples: email, the social media community, live streaming that hosted by YouTube, Podcast, text messaging, direct mail, search engine optimization, and live events. These techniques allow businesses to reach out to customers directly and promote their products and services. To promote your business, it's very helpful if you also look at "earned media", or coverage from outside the channels you own.

Many people access the internet from their homes or offices, so webpages are accessible from anywhere in the world. Doing so makes internet marketing very effective bringing you the results that you dream about, at least you can say "I don't waste my time, and thanks God, it really works for me".

A gentle reminder when you're on the platform, forum, and community that you're not the owner or the founder: 
Your account and membership are at risk for removal if you do such things that are against their rules. So, reading before acting and understanding their policy is an obligation. Advertisement doesn't mean spamming right, a good ad with a proper and acceptable introduction will make both seller and buyer feel happy to deal with.

So, what is the difference between regular traffic and quality leads?

The absolute differences between the two are: Regular traffic (specifically for your site) doesn't guarantee any sales and earning money for you, it must be determined whether any click-through action (CTA) will occur or not. Usually, this kind of traffic is obtained by sharing a link, accidentally clicking by someone else, spamming, flooding any chatroom, etc. However, there's a probability they will make any purchase although in a very low percentage of visits.

Oppositely, quality leads (referring to contact and demographic information that has an interest in your product) will be earned through people's curiosity, wishing to buy stuff and good and polite marketing strategies such as email marketing campaigns without people thinking they have been spammed. This type of traffic is the most expected by all affiliate marketers, promoters, entrepreneurs, and other online business makers. This type of traffic will absolutely deliver money to you if your products and services are deserved that level.

Each strategy has specific benefits plus limitations when it comes to generating new leads, for example, website clicks are most useful when gathering contact information for mailing lists or email marketing campaigns. Social media app clicks are best for finding potential customers in your target demographic. On the other hand, email addresses are most easily found through paid advertising such as Google AdWords or Pay Per Click campaigns. Anything you do online directly will give benefit your business in some way. The good news is we also provide you with a free advertising community to grab real and quality leads (hopefully it really happens), just give it a try and we will see if it really helps you.

Chronology of sales || People's curiosity > Searching on the internet > Find expected product > Check price aggregates and comparable quality > Meet their wishes > Purchase
Video origin: Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels

Once you've chosen how to gather leads, the next step is creating a content marketing strategy for your online advertisements. Your strategy should include topics relevant to your target audience's interests and concerns. Keywords and phrases are the core of finding relevant content ideas for your advertisement. Additionally, including images helps you effectively convey your information visually to your audience. Including text also enables you to dynamically respond to specific questions or concerns that your audience has. All of these tactics come together to form a well-rounded content marketing strategy.

Once you've created a suitable content marketing strategy, promoting your business online is essential for attracting new clients. You can do this by posting testimonials about how happy your previous clients were with your service or creating an FAQ page for any frequently asked questions about your business. Other ways of promoting your business are hosting sales events or free trials for your products or services. Posting updates on relevant social media channels also lets people know when new information is available about your business. Regular blog posts also help spread awareness about what you're offering and promote brand recognition among potential customers.

The internet has made it easy for businesses of all kinds to reach out to potential customers and generate leads for sales efforts. Make sure your online marketing strategies are well coordinated to ensure the highest possible quality of leads for your business. That includes choosing which marketing methods are best suited for generating specific types of leads. On the other hand, you can use random website clicks, social media app clicks, direct email marketing, billboard, or just a flyer and banner for brand awareness etcetera. Once that's done, promoting your business online will help you find new clients that want what you have to offer them indefinitely.
Happy marketing ๐Ÿ“Š๐Ÿ’ฐ

How to market your business
Marketing your business examples, let's figure out

How to market your starting business

Here are the highlighted methods that are popular and bring you some successful sales, we split them into substantial categories :
1. Content Marketing
Everything that comes from your blog, channel, and other ways of brand awareness, includes electronic media broadcasting, podcasting, and streaming.
2. Social Media Marketing
The use of available online communities and platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, IG, TikTok etcetera. Particularly, when you feel and enjoy Instagram as your preferred "Soc Med" tool to gain your business, but at the same time you're still confusing how to collect specific audiences or followers, you can try to buy targeted Instagram followers with such third-party providers as well. The site provides you with the fastest Instagram followers and likes in the market. At The Boosterz, you will receive all of your likes and followers within an hour after completing your order.
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The accumulation of optimizing your blog and channel content to be found through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Make sure people search for certain queries and terms that landed on your website.
4. Guest Posting
Writing unique articles on other people's blogs and vice versa, they create a post on your site with additional backlinks
5. Contribute to Press Release
Suitable for a researcher that produces and invents original products and discoveries
6. Relationship with journalist
Help journalists find new stories, especially in your local news, and add your business links if they had a correlation with current topics
7. Partnerships
This field was covering huge aspects of programs such as Affiliates, Distribution hubs, Beta Tester, Product Development, Voluntary, and so on.

How to convince investor
Simple Tricks to Attract Investors

How to convince investors?

1. Be self-confident:
Investors decide in the first few moments whether you look like a winner or a loser, succeed or failed
2. Say nothing but the truth:
Convince yourself that your startup is worth investing in, and then when you explain this to investors they'll believe you
3. Market coverage:
Often, the founders think of startups as ideas, but investors think of them as money-makers. Your target market has to be big, and it also has to be capturable by you. It's better to start in a small market that will either turn into a big one or from which you can move into a big one
4. Technology understanding level:
Although the educational background is crucial, however, the skill and adopted portion of modern technology, particularly in the internet and computer are much considered as the most important points