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What is Influencer?

What is influencer? How much money you earn becomes influencer

What is an influencer?
50+ questions and answers (FAQ) about influencers you should know

What is an influencer in social media meaning? How do I become paid influencer? What are the 10 different types of influencers? Can I be an influencer without social media? We've got you covered ;)

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Influencer girl
Influencer girl snaps her face and posts it to the social platform - Illustration only

What is an Influencer?
A person that influences and impresses another.

What is an influencer in social media meaning?
A person who has the capability to attract prospective customers to buy a product or service by showing sponsored stuff on his/her social media account profile and the social page (publishing channel). In other words, anyone who strengthens social media to grow audience base and utilizes influence over his/her audience to make money. Commonly, an influencer is a person that has social media account with fantastic amount of followers, such as on TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, etcetera. How they could have such huge followers isn't difficult to explain, people like everything about them and then follow them, simple as that. What if people don't know about you yet, but you want more followers? You can buy TikTok and Instagram followers with Crescigram as well, it's an amazing Brazilian and worldwide SMM platform, just give it a try and see the results.

What is another name for an influencer?
Rarely, we call the influencer a motivator, inspirer, trendsetter, tastemaker, consultant, bellwether, expert, fashionista, and even a celebrity.

What is the role of an influencer?
Regularly, the influencer publishes a post and mentions sponsored stuff on their preferred social media channels, and very likely their audience will pay more attention to what the latest product is about and make the decision to buy it. 

What type of person is an influencer?
Confident, enterprising, adventuresome, fluent to communicate with the audience, and clearly mentioning sponsored items.

Who is the most famous influencer?
Kendall Jenner
Selena Gomez
Lele Pons
Huda Beauty
Dwayne Johnson
Mari Smith
Murad Osmann
Camila Coelho
Amanda Cerny
Andrew Tate
Danielle Bernstein
Kayla Itsines
Ariana Grande
Rosanna Pansino
Dan Bilzerian
Amanda Cerny
Zach King
Chiara Ferragni
Cameron Dallas and etcetera

How do I become an influencer?
- Firstly, find out what is your skill and expertise
- Select your preferred social media channel
- Plan your content and marketing strategy
- Create a website that cover all your needs
- Continuously publishes corresponding contents
- Make relationships with similar enthusiasts
- Find a sponsorship that will fuel your appeal to become a money machine
- Build a warm interaction with your audience
- Keep your network growing and always find a way to make it one level above average

What are the 4 categories of influencers by the follower numbers?
- Nano (1K–10K followers)
- Micro (10K–100K followers)
- Macro (100K–1M followers)
- Mega/Celebrity(1M+ followers)

Do influencers get paid?
In general, the influencer is getting paid by companies, brands, services, and even by their own audience. They just need to publish sponsored content and have agreed on the rate, what media to be used, and the time of deliveries (schedule). Similar to an affiliated marketer but the influencer has more credibility and a huge audience.

What is a celebrity influencer?
Celebrity influencer is a famous people and well-known for their social media presence. Usually, the celebrity influencer will have over 1 million followers on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, and Twitter.

Do you call yourself an influencer?
In the meantime, you can call yourself a singer, dancer, pilot, doctor, lawyer, or whatever it is, you can not call and attribute yourself as an influencer. Only people around that know you can label that title for you.

What does an influencer do?
Not all influencers spend their whole time on social media, holding gadgets everywhere they're staying, taking selfies, and promoting products. Some influencers that have built strong engagements with the audience seem a little bit relaxed despite the tight schedule have been arranged with the sponsor. What they think about is how to improve their next appearance, that's it.

Is an influencer a leader?
Naturally, an influencer is a leader for the involved industry, no matter what kind of publishing tool and media were being used. An influencer tends to be more active and always tries to fix any mistakes that happened at the beginning of her career, that's why they're always one step ahead compared with the generations of the same age.

Who is the biggest female influencer?
Famous Female Influencers to know:
- Angelina Jolie ~ @angelinajolie
- Kendall Jenner ~ @kendalljenner
- Chiara Ferragni ~ @chiaraferragni
- Zoe Sugg ~ @Zoella
- Charlie D'Amelio - @charlidamelio
- Gigi Hadid ~ @gigihadid
- Janea Brown ~ @jnaydaily
- Selena Gomez ~ @selenagomez
- Lauren Riihimaki ~ @laurdiy
- Rosanna Pansino ~ @rosannapansino
- Ella Mills ~ @deliciouslyella
- Callie Thorpe ~ @calliethorpe
- Lindsay Lohan ~ @lindsaylohan
- Dua Lipa ~ @dualipa

Who is the most paid influencer?
Christiano Ronaldo, that earn $1.60 million per post.

What are the 10 different types of influencers?
Tools and media to be used by influencers:
- Blog and website
- YouTube and Vlog
- Social Media forums and events
- Streaming and reality TV
- Podcast and local radio
- Voluntary and organization
- Mass media and journalism
- Art work and photography
- Mailing services

Is influencer a negative term?
Not at all, it depends on where we see it and what's their behavior. Since the role of an influencer is to persuade people to act for buying or purchase, everything that is endorsed was categorized as business purposes, so, it's not a problem unless what they displayed is misleading or click baits.

How do you use the word?
Check this example: "She is an expert in biology and also a decisive influencer on new organic inventories"

What are the 10 characteristics of an ideal influencer should have?
1. Intelligence
2. Lifestylist
3. Interactive
4. Trustworthy
5. Energetic
6. Authenticity
7. Persuasive
8. Straight to the point
9. Higher engagement rate
10. Good record of past jobs with many stars of organic reviews

Are the influencers different from celebrities?
The difference between celebrity and influencers is how they develop their audiences or followers, check the texts below for the details:
Celebrities display and interact through conventional mass media channels, such as Cable TV, movies, published song album (music) etcetera.
- Influencers on the other hand gain their audience via social media and newer tools, such as messenger, podcasts, websites, YouTube, and so on. The audiences were gathered based on interest, purchasing curiosity, and engagement with the idols. At this point, we can say, you're very near to your favorite influencer but you can't go to that level on a celebrity. Celebrity always keeps enough distance from their fans, unlike influencer.

How do you identify the right influencer and uniquely beneficial for your business?
- Make sure your hired influencer meets your marketing campaign.
- Your hired influencer is matched with your own target audience by demographic, age, language, attitude, and financial matters (unless your brand is about social organization, humanitarian, and charitable aid).
- Negotiable cost of compensation and on-time task delivery.
- Have an organic, loyal, high engagement, and huge followers.
- Have genuine and high-quality content to show.
- Have trustworthiness and reliability.
- Have flexibility and commitment to be a good influencer.
- Have a good record of past job finishing.
- Know the effective ways to persuade potential clients in order to buy a sponsored product.

What makes a strong influencer?
Proven authenticity and active follower engagements.

What is the power of an influencer?
Anything that is talked about and mentioned by influencers will be very likely heard, searched, tested, and purchased by the audience, no matter whether the items are useful or not for the average audience. Actually, this is misbehavior of good consumers, but unfortunately, it's true. For brand owners, working with social media influencers can help extend and expand goal achievement and increase engagement. That's the power of influencers.

What makes a successful influencer?
They understand how to introduce, communicate, entertain, engage, persuade, handle an event, and tell a good narrative of successful business journeys.
Talking about online and offline events, an event is an occasion or activity. A person who organizes various online events, presentations, parties, and celebrations is called an Event Manager. Its tasks include preparing for the celebration, choosing a place, music, scenery, photographers, etc. You can hold an online event with an opinion leader agency such as InIn Agency - Baltimore, Maryland MD, where they will tell you something useful for your audience or answer all your questions as well.

Fashion product influencer girl - Illustration only
Video source: Cottonbro on Pexels

What are the challenges of being an influencer?
- The risks of being exposed, include their personal identity.
- An obligation to maintain "keep smile".
- Receive hate speech and abusive behaviors.
- Finding new ideas is not easy as writing A-Z
- Low bid value
- Delivery time that is too short
- Perfectness of the results

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?
It's a subjective matter, may vary, and depends on what the sponsor wants to, and there is no exact number for that, just this simple rule applied, the more you have followers, the more likely you will be hired. However, if we use YouTube standards for channel owner to monetize his channel, an influencer needs at least 1,000 subscribers with more than 4,000 valid watch hours.

Is influencer a real profession?
Yes, especially nowadays Moving from traditional marketing strategy (such as local newspapers) to advance digital marketing (such as social media channels) is a trend and a must. From here, the undeniable born of a new influencer is not magic anymore, it's a common situation that happens daily.

What is influencer intelligence?
Influencer intelligence is a pre-search method that empowers our ability to search and identify influencers that meet the client's campaign. 

Is being an influencer a good thing?
Yes, you can make money by doing so, connecting more people, being open-minded, tech-savvy, communicative, and becoming a reliable person.

Why do people want to be an influencer?
You can:
- Affecting other people in good ways, particularly by making money online.
- Inspiring and motivating others to accept all situations that happened
- Earning unlimited money online by utilizing the internet
- Changing the buying behavior of the targeted audience to add more income for yourself (as an influencer)
- Feels like challenged to be a problem solver
- Jump over such ordinary boundaries

Why is influencer so important?
Influencers are your mobile house production, equipped with compartments that you never "look and feel" before. They develop a catchy and impressive native ads that are able to interact better with prospective consumers, which, in turn, can enhance your advertising performance and gain more conversions.

Is it hard to become an influencer?
To be honest, it is yes, here is the breakdown of related points:
- Very competitive
- High creativity is an obligation
- Must have a consistency
- Always post high-value article/media and contains money gains
- Having interesting appearance
- Able to maintain relentless smooth communication

Can anyone become an influencer?
Yup, this opportunity is opened for everyone, no matter wherever they come from and whatever their social status. As long as you meet the criteria and you feel happy with the current moment, you can start to earn money by becoming an influencer.

How much are influencers get paid?
If you have more than 1K subscribers/followers you can put this tariff: $20 for a single video or $25 per post. However, this fee is subjective and may vary from each demographic of the influencer itself and the targeted audience. This tariff is the lowest value we assumed based on some reliable statistics we obtained online.

What influencers should not do?
- Intentionally not to register on respective platforms
- Didn't read carefully the terms of platform usage, disclaimer, do's and don'ts, and payment agreements
- Accepting all offers despite you're in doubt about how to finish it well
- Having fake followers/bots
- Publish contents that are out of topic (irrelevant)
- Not maximize the use of  mentions (@) and hashtags (#)
- Multiple client in single page or social channel
- Failed to fill tax forms
- Contents are made instantly and contain too many errors/mistakes

What are the cons of influencer marketing?
Wrong chosen influencer will:
- Affect your brand decreased in performance
- Add more wasted costs
- Restructure the business plans again and again
- Dependency to unreliable third parties
- Conflicted business monitoring due to too many tools being used

What is a toxic influencer?
A toxic influencer is a leader in a community or at least a person with a specific role that is sitting on the leader's board, just because he always made mistakes intentionally, so, he doesn't bring any benefits to the community, instead he triggered an unfavorable environment. Since his act is still in a small area and lower scale, his influence and all his what-about easily can be terminated.

Who pays an influencer?
It's a sponsor that pays for influencers for agreed contracts by both. Sponsors earn money by putting a link back to their websites where any purchases will occur, so, basically, a social channel that belongs to an influencer is a "redirect tool" that brings the audience to the business page of sponsors.

Do influencers pay for their followers?
Yes but not at all. A bad influencer usually buys fake followers, likes, and comments to get more than his actual organic followers. It's very common despite many warnings that have been alarmed by some social platforms' management.

Who is the first influencer?
Based on some historians, it was King George III of the United Kingdom in the 1760s. The king was giving his royal stamp of approval to support the sales of the pottery of Josiah Wedgwood. 

What kind of jobs belongs to an influencer?
Here are some examples:
- Promotion (top result)
- Selling
- Brokerage
- Endorsing
- Polling
- Making reviews
- Giving feedback
- Affiliate marketing
- Handling events
- Research and survey

What type of influencer makes the most money?
Some major categories that deliver huge money to influencers are:
- Fashion and apparel
- Sports-related products 
- Beauty and makeup
- Tour travel package
- Software
- Gaming etcetera

Is influencer an easy job?
It's difficult at the beginning, but after some while, it becomes easier and easier, especially if you have been performing for at least 3 months and you gain more and more audiences that are very loyal to you and your social channels. 

Can you trust an influencer?
Based on some online researches, it indicates that people are very likely to trust influencers in specific niches and expertise. Some influencers received more orders than others based on the authenticity and quality of the content they published.

Are influencers lonely?
It's not denied, due to some influencers have tight schedules, need more room and time to develop new content, and (maybe) the influencers are feeling comfortable when they're online alone and far from the crowd around.

Is being an influencer stressful?
Definitely yes, as an influencer you can be so stressed and spend a lot of time just to think what should I publish for the next, possibly to receive more complaints and even more abuses by unsatisfied clients and audiences.

Are influencers successful?
As a marketing strategy player that has been successfully used by millions of businesses and brands, an influencer plays significant role and responsible for the growth of global business in recent decades, and in turn, the influencer itself has been compensated with pretty sum of money.

What skills do influencers have?
Here are the samples, it must not have them all but at least you have one:
- High quality photography
- Good writing experience
- Social media expertise
- Knowing well the SEO
- Wide range of basic knowledge
- Know more than 1 (one) language
- Friendly interaction
- Good listener 
- Tech savvy
- Creative, etcetera

Can I be an influencer without social media?
Yes, you can. Social media is not an obligation, but it's just a preferred tool, and you can maximize other tools to earn money as an influencer, e.g. using the blog, radio, TV, podcast, newspaper, billboard, flyers, sharing by mouth, and so on.

Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer?
1. Cristiano Ronaldo - $1,6 million per post.
2. Kylie Jenner - $1,5 million post.
3. Selena Gomez - $1,5 million per post.

Do influencers get paid monthly?
Yes, mostly. Sometimes it only needs 3 - 4 days after the job is done to claim such payment (based on the agreement of both sides, when the payment is released, and how much for the threshold). Visit Valued Voice if you want to become influencer and get paid monthly on every job that has been finished, kindly check out here, this legit platform recently was paying us in pretty amount of money.

Do influencers get paid for every post?
Yes, once again, it depends on the payment agreement, as soon as you have published a single post, you can claim the fee through your platform's dashboard but the release date may vary for each of the different platforms. 

Do influencers benefit society?
Yes, they do. They can build a new market, and job opportunities, and bring more people to earn money online

What is a lifestyle influencer?
A lifestyle influencer is a person that publishes numerous content or is famous for "life hacks" e.g. traveling tips, the best local restaurant, how to use SEO, how to shorter your tuition, making clothing product reviews, etcetera.

Why being an influencer is harmful?
Firstly, you can't sleep well, the health drops, enforce the brain always thinks, anxiety, start to use medical stimulants (rarely), and other effects that can't be written explicitly here.

Why people are obsessed with influencers?
It's so natural if we like to learn something new, and know the presenter and sometimes we "fall in love" with their vast knowledge, skill, performance, and unique ideas.

How much do influencers make a month?
As explained earlier, it's very relative and subjective and also depends on the demographic of the influencer and the geo-targeting of the audiences. To make it simple, let's divide them into:
- Starter = $1 - $50
- Medium = $50 - $500
- Expert/Celebrities = $500 - Unlimited

How do you spot a fake influencer?
- Low-quality published content
- Nobody mentions his name, username, and posts
- The audience is very inactive
- No engagement at all
- Asking for big sums of payment despite their contents are worthless, no points of education, and even more suspicious (misleading, click baits, and scam)

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Girl works as as influencer
Girl works as an influencer - Illustration only